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Why Your Firm Should Have a Customized Business Email Address

While you may not think that a small detail like your firm’s email address is important, it actually speaks volumes. A customized business email address boosts your professionalism, supports your firm’s identity, and generates consumer trust.
February 15, 2020

Email is an essential tool for running a successful legal practice. As you focus on attracting more clients in the new year, you should consider using a customized business email address to boost your marketing efforts and support your digital identity. Even though it may not seem like a big deal if your email address ends in or, this small detail can actually have a large impact on how people perceive your firm. With an email address that’s specifically branded to match your firm’s name, you’re showing that you are committed to polish, professionalism, and consistency at every level. Let’s take a look at four reasons why you should consider getting a customized business email address in the near future.

It’s More Professional.

Let’s face it: email addresses that end in,, or do not exactly scream “professionalism.” A custom email address that incorporates your firm’s name communicates a sense of polish and sophistication that’s bound to impress potential clients. Even if they may not consciously realize it, people will view you as more credible and legitimate, simply by making this small change. Not only will potential clients be more likely to contact you—your customized email address won’t be immediately dismissed as spam when you correspond with them. Your clients are bound to recognize and appreciate this subtle sign of professionalism.

It’s Inexpensive.

Creating a customized business email address is simple and affordable. At LegalRev, we are offering a cost-effective service that includes five customized email addresses for you and your team for just $50 per month. We will also migrate all of your old emails over to your new inbox, making the transition from your previous email address to your new one as seamless and as straightforward as possible.

It Supports Your Digital Identity.

By using a customized business email address, you are building a more cohesive digital identity. People who see your unique email address are more likely to become curious about your firm, so they will often visit your website to learn more about your practice. As a result, you may see more traffic to your website, which could then lead to more potential clients. On a subconscious level, people are drawn to clean and cohesive messaging—they’ll get the sense that your firm has a focused mission and strong identity that encourages them to trust you.

It Comes With Additional Perks.

When you use a free or ISP-supplied email service, you have limited access to other important professional tools. With your unique professional email address, you’ll also receive a range of organizational tools and services that can help you boost your efficiency and productivity. Contact LegalRev today to learn more about what types of tools would best serve you, and we’ll make it happen.

At LegalRev, we are committed to giving you the best tools and services you need in order to maximize your success. Ready to learn more about the benefits of using a customized professional email address? Reach out today by calling (800) 893-2590.

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