What 10 Years of Working in Law-Centric Digital Marketing Have Taught Us

Like most things, our practice of digital marketing has only gotten better with age. When just entering the field, it was easy to want to keep pace with the agencies around us selling quick fixes, marketing hacks, or confusing solutions to what we understood as straightforward problems.

But now, with more than a decade of experience behind us, we’ve learned it’s not all that complicated. Marketing wins can be boiled down to five, time-tested absolutes.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Instead of cheap tricks, “SEO hacks”, and shortcuts, the key to success in SEO is accurately and intelligently reflecting the quality of your business online. We help you build or repair your online reputation in the places that people are searching for you and actively look forward to determining what the next big change in SEO will be. By meeting your users where they are, and in anticipating their needs, we can more effectively help connect your business to the people who are trying to find you.

It’s as Much About Education as it is Delivery

Digital marketing, design, and development have only gotten more complex over the last few years. We actively keep up with the changing scope of our field, discerning when industry changes can benefit our clients. But instead of wielding this knowledge over our client’s heads or using confusion to generate dependency, we break down any complex concepts into an easy-to-understand methodology—ensuring a more successful campaign for everyone involved.

User-Centered Means Thinking About our Client’s Clients

When we begin working with a client, we’re making a promise to always make the choices most likely to help them reach their goals. Sometimes, this promise means opting for the better choice over merely trying to please the person with whom we’re working. We’ll act as a sounding board for our client’s ideas, course-correcting when those ideas swerve out of alignment from what is best for their business and the users interacting with it.

Like our Clients, There’s a Stigma Attached to Our Industry

Digital marketing, SEO, and our entire industry have a stigma—something we know lawyers understand well. These marketer stereotypes aren’t entirely unfounded, with SEO salespeople peddling first-page rankings and expensive “insider secrets.” But in the same way that not all lawyers are “ambulance chasers,” not all marketing professionals are out to profit at their client’s expense. We strive for transparency, education, data-driven strategies, and the pursuit of achievable goals, debunking the profiteer stigma through our actions and our ability to incite results.

Paid Search is Here to Stay

Although we weren’t advocates of Google’s paid ads for the first 5-6 years after its introduction, it’s now clear that Google—the gold standard search engine and the platform around which localized SEO revolves—is pay-to-play. Google ad campaigns are the new language of digital marketing, and understanding how to harness this power is a critical piece of effective, results-based strategy.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about LegalRev and our law-centric digital marketing approach to improving your online performance. Oh, and happy anniversary to us.

May 21, 2021