Using Insights About the Client Experience to Level Up Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding how to use insights about the client experience (also called the user experience or UX) allows your law firm to connect with the individuals you are hoping to serve and inspire them to enlist your legal services. Here’s how to get started.

Just like any business or company, law firms rely on attracting a steady stream of clients. It’s essential to devote some time and energy to establishing a digital marketing strategy that reaches potential clients where they already are (i.e., performing online searches or scrolling through social media apps). However, not all marketing strategies yield the same results; misguided or halfhearted efforts may not reach your target audience, while a concentrated and focused marketing campaign can boost your website’s ranking among the search results pages and grow public awareness of your legal services. As you design your law practice’s digital marketing strategy, you will need to consider and address several components in order to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. One critical component of a solid digital marketing strategy for law firms is understanding how to use insights about the client experience (also called the user experience or UX) to connect with the individuals you are hoping to serve and inspire them to enlist your legal services. Let’s take a look at some of the psychological factors that often influence the client experience and how your firm can use these insights to improve and focus your marketing efforts.

Why the Client Experience Matters

First, it’s helpful to recognize the critical role that user experience plays in creating a strong and effective digital marketing strategy. With the average person spending between six and seven hours per day online, why not channel your marketing efforts into this sphere (where potential clients already are)? However, simply slapping together an online marketing campaign may have little impact. Whenever someone goes online or scrolls through social media, they are bombarded with targeted ads and marketing messages at every turn. So, how can your law firm set your marketing efforts apart from the tons of other ads out there? Taking some time to reflect on the unique goals, needs, and concerns of your potential clients can go a long way in helping you design a customized and impactful marketing strategy. Understanding who your clients are and what types of messages they appreciate and gravitate towards allows your law firm to prioritize the needs of your target audience, increasing the likelihood that your marketing efforts will resonate with them. When potential clients come across your website or social media post, they may feel “seen” by you. This connection may not even occur on a conscious level—the emotional power of feeling safe and supported may be strong enough to inspire this person’s trust and prompt them to reach out to your law practice for guidance.

Making the Most of First Impressions

As you design your law firm’s website and craft blog posts to capture the attention of potential clients, you should remember that first impressions matter. When someone has a question about a legal topic, they will likely turn to online search engines like Google to perform a quick search. Most searchers do not venture beyond the first page of the search results, and they tend to click on the result that matches their search terms most accurately. However, if they click on a result that takes too long (i.e., more than three seconds) to load, they may leave the site in favor of a website that loads more quickly. The layout of the website also matters—if the landing page is overly cluttered, too “busy,” or overwhelming, their initial impression may not be favorable. In contrast, websites that load quickly and present information in a clean and uncluttered manner (think ample blank space, a soothing color scheme, etc.) tend to make positive initial impressions. First impressions happen instantly and without conscious thought, so take some time to create a website that cultivates a favorable reaction when someone visits your site for the first time. Use an appealing visual design, rely on clear and concise language, and gently invite visitors to contact your office to receive the assistance and guidance they need.

Anticipate Your Clients’ Emotional Needs

As an attorney, your goal is to help your clients navigate and resolve a legal issue. However, your role extends far beyond providing legal advice, as your clients tend to come to you with sensitive matters that require compassion, empathy, and care. Many clients struggle with powerful emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger, and confusion. Consider how you can anticipate and address the emotional needs of your clients through your digital marketing strategy. For example, including a mission or value statement on your website that communicates your commitment to serving your clients with the care and compassion they need during a stressful or vulnerable time can reassure potential clients and inspire them to work with you. Potential clients also appreciate reading testimonials from former clients you have served, as they can see how your firm has helped other people facing similar challenges. In many cases, a potential client just wants to know that their attorney cares about them as an individual, so use this information to craft a compelling and impactful marketing message.

Intuitive Site Navigation Signals a Favorable Client Experience

Even seemingly minor details, such as a potential client’s experience with navigating your website, can have a significant impact on whether they decide to move forward with your law firm. Take some time to click through your law firm’s website from the perspective of a potential client. Does the navigation feel intuitive? Can you locate information easily? Are there visible buttons or tools that allow you to contact your law firm for more information or to schedule an appointment? When a website is easy to navigate and explore, a visitor will be more likely to view your law firm in a favorable light. Be sure to perform these navigation checks from a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to ensure that potential clients can have a positive experience regardless of the tool they use.

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October 3, 2023