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Social Media Advertising for Attorneys

For an attorney who decides to pursue paid social media advertising, the benefits are clear: amplifying your reach, increasing your rank within a specific geographical area, boosting awareness, maximizing your content marketing, engaging more authentically with mobile users, and more. 
March 15, 2020

By now, it’s pretty evident that social media is a powerful—if not essential—tool to attract business. People are constantly glued to their phones, with the average person spending 144 minutes per day scrolling through social media. Companies around the world have capitalized on this trend, investing in paid social media advertising to attract consumers. And paid social media (also known as “pay per click,” or PPC) works.

For an attorney who decides to pursue paid social media advertising, the benefits are clear: amplifying your reach, increasing your rank within a specific geographical area, boosting awareness, maximizing your content marketing, engaging more authentically with with mobile users, and more. Let’s look at a few key ways that social media advertising can help you engage with more people in innovative and authentic ways, ultimately attracting the clients you’re looking for.

Know Your Market

The first step of building an effective social media advertising strategy is to understand the nuances of each platform. Just as each client is not the same, the various social media platforms differ in the demographics they attract. So, take some time to think about what type of clients you are hoping to serve, and then try to determine where a typical client may spend the majority of their time online.

Are you a business law attorney? Consider advertising on LinkedIn, where you’ll be visible to business professionals who may be in need of legal assistance. Do you practice family law? Social media platforms that cater to more personal interests, such as Facebook and Instagram, could be a natural fit. Criminal defense attorneys could consider placing ads on Facebook or Instagram as well.

While there is no exact data that predicts where people will congregate online, it’s worth it to think which social media platform is the most likely to attract your targeted audience.

Speak to Specific Client Interests

Another benefit to social media advertising is the ability to target users that have expressed interest in a specific topic. Each social media platform allows you to set targeting parameters, including user hobbies, personal and professional interests, and more. For instance, if you are a business law attorney, you may wish to target your advertising to users who have expressed interest in business formation. Estate planning attorneys could target their advertising to individuals who may be above a certain age or who have recently retired. By tailoring your advertising efforts to speak to highly specific demographics, you’ll increase the likelihood that potential clients will click on your ad to learn more about your practice.

Take Your Social Media Advertising to the Next Level

If you really want to invest in social media advertising that attracts potential clients, consider the power of videos. While it may initially seem intimidating to create a YouTube channel for your legal practice, videos are an increasingly popular and effective way of engaging consumers. Video advertising is already heavily used in many industries, and some attorneys and law firms are beginning to explore the benefits of videos. Since we live in a highly visual world, most people seem to prefer watching a visual story instead of reading an article or a written advertisement. A YouTube channel could take your marketing efforts next-level, so it may be worth exploring.

Reviews Still Matter

While the focus of this post has been on the benefits of targeted social media advertising, it’s worth it to remember that client reviews are still super important. Even if you are paying for advertising, potential clients tend to rely most on customer reviews and testimonials—so keep an eye on what people are saying about your law practice. Who knows? Maybe clients will be so impressed by your firm’s social media savvy that they will be more inclined to mention this in their review. Keep in mind, however, that if someone posts a negative review on social media, it’s best to avoid an online argument. Instead, remain professional and try to address the poster’s concerns. The more you can appear cool, confident, and helpful, the more professional you’ll seem in the eyes of other potential clients.

If you’re ready to boost your firm’s visibility and attract more of the types of clients you are hoping to serve, LegalRev is here to discuss your options. We’re dedicated to providing you with the marketing tools you need in order to grow your legal practice. Call (800) 893-2590 to get started.

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