One-on-One with an LegalRev Paid Media Manager

Drew Tumlinson, Paid Media Manager at LegalRevToday at LegalRev, we sat down to interview one of our knowledgeable team members who spends well over 40 hours a week managing client ad campaigns. Why, you may ask?
Well, in the pursuit of:

Knowledge — It’s power! This is valuable advice and insight from someone who is deep in it every day.

Support — We know that that Google AdWords and other PPC platforms are foreign to most people and we want to help. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, let’s talk.

Transparency — We like to keep it real. If you are an LegalRev client, it’s likely you’ve spoken to or received an email from one of the team members mentioned in this post. We’re here, we care, and we’re working hard for you every day.

Abby: Please state your name and occupation for the court.
Drew: Drew Tumlinson, Paid Media Manager.

Abby: And how long have you been working at LegalRev?
Drew: About two and a half years now.

Abby: Cool! So, would you talk a little bit about what being a paid media manager entails?
Drew: Yeah! Basically every piece of paid media — Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, literally everything-plus-ads I do. I set those up, I maintain them, I make sure they’re working, all that good stuff.

Abby: Very cool. So, briefly, walk us through what a day in the life looks like.
Drew: Um, chaos…


I come in every morning and I spend probably 30 to 45 minutes kind of planning my day and determining priorities, making sure there aren’t any fires that I need to put out right away. Next, I usually jump into AdWords and glance at all of the active campaigns to see if there is anything alarming that I wasn’t aware of yesterday; tackle those if I need to, or work them into the rest of my day. Then I spend the bulk of my day going through and rewriting ads, optimizing keywords, and adjusting bids to ensure optimal campaign performance.

Abby: That sounds like a lot.
Drew: It is a lot!

Abby: What part of your job do you enjoy the most? …Other than working with me and the rest of the team.
Drew: Well, of course. I love working at LegalRev. But about paid media specifically, I would have to say it’s seeing the results, seeing the conversions come through for our clients, and knowing that what I’m doing is valuable to them. I’m not just coming in and doing the job because that’s what I’m told to do.

Abby: That’s great. One last question. If you could give one piece of advice to someone who was starting a paid media service with a new management company, what would that be?
Drew: Educate yourself. Do whatever you can to learn about whatever platform it is that you’re operating on. So, if it’s Google AdWords, there are courses you can take that are completely free. Just, honestly, Google whatever it is that you’re trying to learn and get as much basic knowledge as you can, so that you can have those discussions with that company using the technical terms that make sense to everybody. And maybe with that education you can adjust those technical terms with the company you’re working with so that it fits and makes sense for you. For example, saying “conversions” might not mean the same thing to everyone, so sometimes we say “leads” and that might make a lot more sense to a client. Finding that balance between technicalities and what works for you is absolutely key for a shared understanding and effective communication.

Abby: That’s all I had for you today, Drew. Thank you so much for sharing your insights!
Drew: Sweet, thanks!

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July 11, 2017