Why Do You Need PPC? Because Legal Keywords Drive Competition

Image of an attorney holding a credit card, paying for PPC because legal keywords drive competition.Around this time last year, we wrote about how the legal field spends more on Google AdWords than any other industry. Fast-forward to now and lawyers are still shelling out the big bucks to compete online. Last month, WordStream did a study and discovered Google’s top 25 most expensive keywords in 2017. This year “lawyer” takes the number four slot. In this post, we’ll explain what this means for you and your law firm’s marketing strategy.

Understanding Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

For those of you who are unaware of how paid media/pay-per-click (PPC)/Google AdWords works, you set up an online campaign, connect a credit card, and choose your targeting parameters. Once your campaign is live, your ads will show up in search results of users who fall in the parameters you’ve set. If that person clicks on your ad, they will be taken to your landing page or website and Google will collect the cost-per-click from your budget.

Cost-per-click depends on the search term you’ve chosen. Popular search terms cost more per click because of the increased competition, whereas very obscure or specific terms have a lower cost per click because much fewer people are searching for them.

Why are Legal Terms So Expensive?

The word “lawyer” currently costs approximately $55.00 per click, depending on the locations you’re targeting. If this seems high, that’s because it is. Many other industries have popular search terms with CPCs under $5.00. In addition to search volume, Google also determines the CPC of any given search term based on the potential value of the conversion. Since just one law client can bring thousands of dollars to the law firm they choose, Google has decided attorneys can afford a higher CPC.

Furthermore, since there are so many law firms to choose from anywhere you go, Google has to find a way to reward the ones who are willing to spend more money on digital advertising.

The Competition is Fierce

Because the CPC is so high for the legal industry, it’s nearly impossible to show up organically in search unless your website is already ranking off the charts. Since Google knows lawyers are paying top dollar for their AdWords, they will push firms with active PPC campaigns to the top of the search results every time. It’s simply unrealistic to expect to outperform your competitors who are running PPC campaigns if you are not.

How to Succeed with PPC

If you’re willing to launch a paid ad campaign, capitalizing on the CPC is crucial for seeing ROI. The successful campaigns we maintain for our clients all include the following elements:

  • Custom ads with key search phrases
  • Highly-specific geo-targeting parameters
  • Link to a custom-built landing page designed to urge clients to call immediately
  • Content that appeals emotionally
  • Call tracking (so you know where your leads originate!)

Simply put, if you’re going to spend the money, you need to be sure your ads are designed with your potential client in mind. Speak to them on their level and make it easy for them to contact you. Be sure to answer your phone every time it rings or you could miss out on expensive leads. Most importantly, be as specific as possible in your geo-targeting so that the people clicking on your ads are the kind of clients you actually want and are very likely to become a paying client.

Overwhelmed? We’ve Got You Covered

Keeping up with ever-evolving digital marketing trends and strategies is a massive time commitment that you may just not be able or willing to make. That’s okay! And that’s why companies like LegalRev exist. We can help you bring in leads and keep a close eye on your AdWords campaigns to ensure your budget is being used wisely and your ads are performing well.

Contact us today at (800) 893-2590 to learn more, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter for helpful tips.

August 3, 2017