Legal Industry Dominates Pay-Per-Click

The legal industry is officially king of Google’s pay-per-click kingdom, spending more than any other industry on pay-per-click marketing. According to recent data courtesy of SEMrush, an incredible 78 of the 100 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords in the United States are related to the legal sector.

The most expensive search term in the U.S. — “best mesothelioma lawyer” — comes in at $935.71, nearly $600 more than the most expensive non-legal term (“San Diego water damage”). Indeed, the five most profitable search terms in America are all affiliated with the legal sector.

What This Means for You & Your Law Firm

The implications of this trend are astounding, especially when you consider that three of the four industries leading PPC — health, finance and B2B — comprise just 22% of Google’s top search terms. Not only that, but the numbers compiled by SEMrush were pulled from a dataset of 80 million (!) keywords.

If this doesn’t expose the intense level of competition that attorneys face, we don’t know what does. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if your law firm isn’t advertising on Google AdWords, you’re missing out on new business. Period.There’s no way to sugar coat it.

Keep in mind that the 78/100 keywords listed are at the very top end of cost-per-click prices — not all legal keywords cost over $200 per click. In our experience, most don’t. Still, because these wildly high prices do exist, it’s important to place your PPC marketing in the hands of trusted professionals who will maximize your budget and spend your funds effectively.

We Know Legal Marketing

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June 9, 2016