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How to Integrate Automation Tools to Market Your Law Firm and Improve the Client Experience

By implementing automated tools to market your law firm, you can boost engagement and improve the client experience. Consider using these tools to streamline the intake process and screen for high-quality leads.
July 10, 2023

What is a law firm without a steady stream of clients? As an attorney, you understand how critical it is to market your services to build awareness and attract a steady stream of new clients. Those who have practiced law for several decades have seen a dramatic shift in marketing strategies—large billboards and phone book advertisements have been replaced (for the most part) by a user-friendly website and paid search advertising campaigns. As the bulk of your law firm’s marketing efforts moves online, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the day-to-day details of managing client interactions, such as scheduling consultations, following up on questions from potential clients, and requesting that your clients write you online reviews. It’s easy to lose yourself in these repetitive tasks and become frustrated that handling these “to-dos” shifts your focus away from more important work. Although the terms “artificial intelligence” and “automation” have received plenty of attention in recent months, it’s important to recognize that automated tools, when implemented strategically and purposefully, can handle several low-level tasks and boost client engagement while freeing you up to devote more time to what matters most—serving your clients. This post will highlight some simple and practical tips for integrating automation into your law practice.

Following Up on Potential Leads

Many people who end up hiring an attorney start out with a legal question. They often perform a web search to locate information about a topic, then use the results to decide whether to seek out an attorney. If your law firm’s website has relevant, accurate content that anticipates and addresses common client concerns, search engines like Google will present your website to those searching for similar topics in your area. Even if someone is not ready to hire a lawyer, they may visit your website to read about a particular practice area.

Since getting people to visit your website is half the battle, why not encourage these viewers to take the next step? You can use marketing automation tools to create custom email “drip campaigns” (i.e., sending a slow series of friendly emails) to site visitors, encouraging them to schedule a free consultation with your firm. Even if a potential client does not have an immediate need for an attorney, their familiarity with your firm’s name will keep your practice top-of-mind when an issue arises.

Customizing Communication Methods to Suit Client Preferences

It’s no surprise that people vary in their communication styles and preferences. Some individuals feel the most comfortable communicating via text, while others may enjoy phone conversations instead. Before you go all-in on a marketing automation tool, get a sense of what modes of communication your clients tend to prefer. Law firms that serve older clients may find that phone calls are preferable over text and email, while those serving younger clients may find success through an automated texting service. Many automated marketing tools enable you to send texts or emails to clients, allowing them to schedule appointments or even send links to documents or attachments (i.e., photos from an auto accident) quickly and conveniently.

Streamlining the Client Intake Process

When a prospective client contacts your firm and decides to enlist your services, they will likely go through some sort of intake process involving several documents and forms. You can use automated tools to send clients these documents, allowing them to complete them at their convenience and submit them through a portal. Streamlining this process gives your clients more flexibility while allowing your firm’s attorneys and support staff to channel their valuable time and resources elsewhere. Of course, it’s best to handle any sensitive or privileged information in accordance with state laws and professional guidelines.

Screening For the Most Promising Leads

By now, you recognize that not every lead pans out. If your law firm is looking for ways to identify the most promising leads, consider implementing automation tools that gather relevant information for you to assess before you devote considerable time and energy to pursuing a lead that is not a good fit for your practice. You can integrate a simple client intake form on your website’s homepage or contact page, asking clients to provide details about their situation and needs. Your office can review this information to determine whether the potential client would benefit from your services.

In addition to integrating automated tools into your website, you can set up an automated phone answering service. When someone calls your law office, they can leave a message with the automated answering service for your team to review—listening to a quick message is much less time-consuming than scheduling a 20-minute phone consultation with every potential client. Automated phone answering services are great tools to help your office screen every call to identify the most promising leads to pursue.

Ask Your Clients What They Would Like to See

Ultimately, the success of your law firm’s marketing strategy depends on how clients respond to these efforts. Automated marketing tools are not a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it’s best to understand and identify the needs and preferences of your target audience. As you approach your digital marketing strategy, take some time to talk to some of your clients to determine what their preferred communication methods are and what they would most appreciate when making the decision to hire an attorney. You can use their responses to create an effective marketing strategy that speaks directly to your clients’ needs, concerns, and goals. Over time, your firm may see an uptick in new client inquiries as you’ll grow your reputation within your community as a responsive, client-centered law practice. Law firms that take the time to prioritize the user experience tend to see measurable results within a relatively short span of time, establishing a steady stream of high-quality leads.

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