How to Impress Your Legal Clients Right From the Start

Every interaction a potential client has with your firm matters, from the layout of your website to how you approach your first meeting with the client. Inspire trust in potential clients by optimizing your website and showing that you care about the client experience in everything you do.

If you are looking to engage more clients in 2022, it’s time to examine your law firm from the client’s perspective. Every interaction a potential client has with your firm matters, from the layout of your website to how you approach your first meeting with the client. The more you can make the client feel comfortable and inspire trust and confidence in them, the more likely clients will want to move forward with your firm. Here are some strategies to help you engage your clients as quickly and authentically as possible.

Make Your Firm More Visible on Search Results Pages

The majority of people start their legal journey with a simple question. They will usually search for information on a specific legal topic, clicking on websites that the search engine displays for them. So, how can you make sure your firm’s website is visible to searchers in your area? First, make sure that your website’s content is up-to-date and written in an SEO-friendly way, anticipating and responding to common questions about your practice areas. Include your location when you can, which will prompt search engine algorithms to display your website to people searching for legal answers in your area. You may also want to consider investing in a Google Ad campaign or similar digital advertising strategy to ensure that your firm rises to the top of the search results pages.

Welcome Clients With Clean Visuals and Straightforward Content

When a potential client lands on your website, make sure that they are welcomed with a fast-loading page with a clean layout, engaging visuals, and easily digestible content. Try not to overwhelm them with long, dense paragraphs—people want to easily identify relevant information, so use headings, bulleted lists, and other tools to help them find the answers they’re looking for. Even though most clients will not recognize the impact of a well-designed website on a conscious level, they will gravitate toward your website instead of other websites full of blocky, overwhelming text that fail to load quickly. You should also include at least one button on each page inviting visitors to contact your firm with a simple click.

Communicate Your Investment in Your Client’s Well-Being

People are becoming increasingly interested in the “About” pages of websites, as they want to know the people behind the services they are seeking. Take some time to create an “About” page that highlights your professional accomplishments as well as your personal values and interests. When potential clients understand that you care about their experiences, they will feel more inclined to move forward and schedule a consultation with you. Whether you have this initial conversation on the phone or in person, think of this as an opportunity to expand upon the image you’ve conveyed on the About page. Communicate compassion, professionalism, and trustworthiness to each new client, and they will likely want to work with you.

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February 17, 2022