How Converting to a VoIP System Can Benefit Your Legal Practice

More and more law firms are transitioning to VoIP systems and walking away from traditional phone services, ultimately saving money and enjoying greater flexibility. VoIP systems are easily customizable to suit your professional needs, so it’s time to consider making the switch.
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For many small to mid-sized law firms, phone systems are seldom the top priority. As long as you have a phone number where clients can reach you, that’s all that matters—right? Well, it turns out that communication tools are rapidly evolving, many of which can offer your legal practice more features at a lower cost. In recent years, many businesses have walked away from traditional voice phone systems and opted to use Voice over IP (VoIP) systems instead. Essentially, VoIP systems allow you to make phone calls using an internet connection, rather than through a hardline telephone system—which tends to be costly. In fact, some estimates project that small businesses that switch over to VoIP can reduce the cost of their local calls by 40 percent and their international calls by up to 90 percent. Below are a few reasons why it may be worth it to implement a VoIP system in your legal practice.

Greater Flexibility

Unlike traditional phone systems where the PBX is usually located in a physical location within the office, this information is warehoused in the cloud. This allows all staff members to conduct the majority of their communication from their cell phones, using the main office number. Whether you are working from home or visiting a relative in a different state, you can still perform a wide array of tasks, such as transferring and forwarding calls, access the company directory, view call logs, and more.

Prioritizing the Client Experience

Many of the VoIP systems are designed to provide a user-friendly interface that prioritizes the client experience. For instance, you can use certain features such as offering a virtual attendant or creating a customized routing menu. These services are typically simple to set up, and they make a significant difference in how clients feel when interacting with your firm for the first time. Clients who have a positive experience when first reaching out to you are more likely to view your firm as welcoming, caring, and professional—which drives up conversion rates.

Simple and Straightforward Setup

While it’s natural to feel slightly apprehensive about setting up an entirely new system, trust that the majority of these VoIP systems tend to be fairly simple to set up and customize to suit your needs. Each person in your firm can select a unique phone configuration that works best for them, and voicemail and call forwarding options are easy to tailor to your liking. Even if you encounter a challenge or have a question during the setup process, these services should offer technical support along the way.

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September 17, 2020