4 Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms Worth Exploring

As we prepare for the upcoming year, now’s a great time to revisit your digital marketing goals and strategies. Investing in quality content, communicating with existing clients, prioritizing client reviews, and implementing video marketing strategies are all ideas worth exploring.

As the final months of 2020 approach, it’s a good time to think about your goals for the upcoming year. While this year has certainly been unconventional, perhaps you’ve found some innovative ways to communicate with your clients. As in-person services continue to be discouraged, now is the time to explore some ways in which digital marketing strategies can help you grow and maintain your legal practice. Here are four digital marketing trends you may want to consider as you prepare to move forward into the new year.

1. Invest in Quality Content

It used to be that the more content you provided on your website—ideally, stuffed with keywords to appeal to Google’s ranking algorithm—the more visible your website would be to consumers. While it’s still important to write Google-friendly content, consumers are increasingly looking for relevant content that answers their questions. In most cases, people have a legal question and they perform a quick Google search, hoping to find a useful answer. Websites that are overly technical, too lengthy, or too “sales-y” in tone tend to appear off-putting to consumers. If your website has a thoughtful post or page that offers a basic overview of the legal issue, with a subtle invitation to contact you for more information, potential clients will likely view your firm as trustworthy, authentic, and responsive to their needs.

2. Reach Out to Your Existing Clients

While many firms channel all of their digital marketing efforts into attracting new clients, don’t forget about reaching out to clients you have worked with in the past. Perhaps a former client who needed help with a real estate transaction a decade ago now wishes to purchase an additional rental property. Or, someone you helped to establish a basic estate plan a few years back now wishes to create a trust. A simple holiday card or emailed newsletter can remind former clients of their positive experiences with you and make them more likely to solicit your legal expertise when the need arises.

3. Invite Client Reviews

By now, you are probably aware of the importance of online reviews from clients. Potential clients typically use online reviews to determine whether to contact a particular law firm, as they often view client reviews as personal recommendations from trusted friends. Encourage existing clients to write a short review; taking a quick moment to make this request can lead to long-term benefits as your positive reviews grow. You should also make it a habit to monitor your online reviews to make sure they accurately reflect your professional view of yourself and your firm.

4. Consider the Benefits of Videos

Even if the idea of taking time out of your busy schedule to create and post a video, you should consider the ways in which informational videos can boost your visibility and credibility. Words on a screen can only go so far to illustrate your professional persona, and videos are an incredibly effective way to articulate your firm’s values and services. Potential clients can get a sense of your approach to legal issues, and you can appeal to the types of clients you want to serve. Attorneys who typically use a more empathetic approach can display their compassion and warmth as they speak, while lawyers who tend to be more direct can highlight their efficient and straightforward demeanor.

If you are ready to rethink your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming year, call the LegalRev team at (800) 893-2590 today to get started.

October 17, 2020