3 Website Must-Haves for Law Firms in 2022

By now, you’re probably aware that an SEO-friendly website is essential in reaching more potential clients. Thinking beyond the homepage, integrating blog posts, and making the most of your About page are other strategies for increasing your visibility in 2022.

Your law firm’s website matters now more than ever. As potential clients are using their computers and phones to find answers to legal questions and locate attorneys in their area, it’s essential that your website reaches and engages as many viewers as possible. By now, you’re probably aware that an SEO-friendly website is essential. However, you can take additional steps and strategies to maximize your law firm’s reach and impact. Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Think Beyond the Homepage

While the home page is a key element of your website, many searchers do not arrive at this page initially. Instead, the typical searcher enters a legal term or question into a search engine, which displays relevant content. This means that someone searching for a legal term in your area may stumble across a blog post or practice area page on your website before they see the home page. With this in mind, do a quick assessment of each page of your website from the client’s perspective. Does each page include a call to action or an easy way to contact you? Does the content answer common client questions and encourage them to schedule an appointment? Making these simple tweaks can do wonders for your website’s visibility and reach.

2. Integrate Regular Blogs Into Your Website

Many people assume that blogs were a brief fad and that they are no longer a relevant or effective digital marketing strategy. However, some of the most successful legal websites rely on regularly updated blogs to increase website traffic and engage with more potential clients. Many of your eventual clients are not even looking for an attorney when they perform a search—they are just looking for information on a particular legal topic. By posting blogs relevant to your practice areas, you can drive visitors to your website and encourage them to contact you for more customized legal advice.

3. Make the Most of Your About Page

With so many law firms offering similar services in your area, you need to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. This is where the “About” page comes in. Many firms include a page with a dry and impersonal overview of the attorneys and law professionals. Rather than following in their footsteps, take some time to craft an About page that shows your firm’s culture and the people behind the legal services. Clients can find legal assistance anywhere, but how will your firm make their experience more rewarding? What sets you apart? What is your mission? What can you offer clients that other firms cannot? Your clients will appreciate this personalized approach and feel more comfortable contacting you for assistance.

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February 3, 2022