3 Signs it May Be Time to Rebrand Your Law Practice

There have been a series of successful rebranding efforts over the years, from McDonald’s to Apple. By redefining your legal practice’s core values and visual identity, you can set your firm apart from the competition and gradually become a trusted legal expert in your community.
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Many people hear the term “rebranding” and immediately think of retail companies that are attempting to launch a new product or who are interested in redefining themselves in some way. McDonald’s pushed healthier menu items and invested in marketing materials focusing on families and young couples enjoying meals together, consciously moving away from its former image. Apple avoided near bankruptcy by focusing on the aesthetics and reliability of their products. These efforts worked well for commercial entities, so what might law firms learn from such endeavors? If you’ve been thinking about focusing on a few practice areas or adjusting your legal services in any way, it may be time to rebrand your legal practice. Here are three signs that you may want to start rethinking your legal brand to attract more of the clients you are hoping to serve.

1. It’s Been Too Long Since You’ve Thought About Your Firm’s Identity

Perhaps a decade or two have passed since you founded your law practice. At the time, you likely had a clear vision of who you were and the types of clients you wanted to serve. Over the years, however, this vision may have become unfocused or blurry, and you may no longer be able to articulate your firm’s core values or mission statement. This lack of focus may be mirrored in your visual identity, especially if you haven’t updated your logo or website for quite some time. Breathe some fresh life into your legal practice by revising the content on your website, refreshing the color scheme and aesthetics to better suit your identity, and focusing on actively searching for the clients you hope to serve.

2. You’ve Decided to Focus on Different Practice Areas

As your legal practice grows over time, you may decide that you only want to focus on a few major areas. For example, you may have started out as a full-service family law, estate planning, and criminal defense firm, but you’ve come to realize that you’d prefer to focus only on providing family law attorney services. Or, maybe you’ve found that there is a need in your community for a trusted estate planning attorney, so you want to establish yourself as a professional in this field. Update your website and digital marketing efforts to reflect these changes, which will indicate to potential clients that you’re more attuned to a few specific areas that you’re truly passionate about.

3. You Want to Set Your Law Practice Apart From Other Firms

Whether you practice law in a major metropolitan area or a smaller community, there are likely to be nearby firms that are offering similar services. So, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? By taking some time to define your unique brand and translate this information into a cohesive visual identity, potential clients can begin to recognize your efforts and view you as professional, committed, and invested in the welfare of your community. A carefully-crafted brand usually inspires consumer trust and may, over time, establish you as the go-to legal expert in your field.

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September 24, 2020