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3 Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Law Firm Should Avoid

Digital marketing strategies can convert into more client calls and grow your law practice, but you’ll want to make sure your efforts actually have an impact. Identifying your target audience, managing client feedback, and keeping up with marketing best practices can maximize your efforts.
June 17, 2021

When done well, digital marketing strategies can convert into more client calls and grow your law practice. However, you want to make sure your efforts actually have an impact. Unfortunately, many attorneys find that their approach to digital marketing does not pay off, mainly because of simple mistakes. Here are three common digital marketing mistakes that law firms should avoid when attempting to attract and engage more clients.

1. Not Identifying Your Target Audience

When building your firm’s website, it may feel natural to provide content that appeals to the broadest audience. However, vague language often fails to connect with anyone on a personal level; instead, by attempting to reach everyone, you end up engaging no one. So, as you craft your content, take some time to think about your clients as individuals. What age group are you hoping to serve? What are their concerns? What are they looking for in an attorney? Then, use these insights to develop targeted content that speaks to their specific needs. Potential clients will read your content and feel as if you genuinely care about them and will be more likely to contact you.

2. Failing to Request Client Feedback

Word-of-mouth is still a great way for clients to learn about your firm and seek you out based on a friend’s recommendation. People are much more likely to approach your law practice if someone they trust has had a positive experience working with you. These days, online reviews serve a similar purpose—people increasingly turn to client reviews to determine whether they should hire you. One of the strongest marketing strategies attorneys can use is requesting client feedback and building a solid online reputation. As more clients leave you reviews, Google’s search algorithm will begin to rank you higher on the results pages, making you more visible to potential clients.

3. Remaining Static

If you have a digital marketing plan that’s working well, you may think that it’s fine to continue as-is for the time being. However, remaining static and failing to adapt to evolving trends and strategies can leave you behind. It’s a good idea to evaluate your digital marketing goals once in a while to determine what’s working well and what areas could be improved. There are several tracking tools that can help you assess the results of a particular social media campaign or marketing effort. Use this data to shape a fresh approach to your marketing strategy and make this practice a habit to remain current and visible to potential clients.

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