What Are Clients Actually Looking For in an Attorney?

When potential clients search for an attorney, they are looking for a lawyer who genuinely cares about their situation, provides them with honest answers and cultivates trust. Use these insights to inform your digital marketing strategy and attract more clients.

Even if you’ve devoted time to building a user-friendly legal website and taken steps to cultivate online client reviews, you may wonder what specific factor influences a client’s decision to select your attorney services. While there is no magic formula that causes clients to choose your firm over others in your area, taking some time to understand the client journey can shed some light on certain factors that clients consider when selecting an attorney. Here are some of the top qualities and services clients look for in a potential lawyer.

Clients Want to Know They Matter to You

Many people in need of legal help are struggling with difficult personal matters. They want to trust that their attorney cares about them and sees them as more than just someone with a problem that needs to be solved. As you craft your website and marketing content and evaluate your initial interactions with potential clients, consider how you can communicate your empathy for their situation.

They Crave Reassurance

Legal disputes can upend someone’s life, especially if they’re facing criminal charges or they’re navigating a contentious divorce. Most clients want their attorney to take their concerns seriously and offer some degree of reassurance. Even if the outlook is not favorable, taking the time to give them an honest assessment of what to expect in the days, weeks, and months ahead can provide your client the stability and reassurance they need to move forward with greater confidence.

Clients Want to Feel Like They Can Trust You

When clients come to you with sensitive issues, they want to know that they can trust you completely. Your written materials and verbal interactions should highlight your authority and trustworthiness as much as possible. Clients that feel comfortable and safe in your presence are more likely to decide to enlist your services and assistance. Remember that nonverbal communication matters as well—make sure your expressions and body language exhibit your openness and concern for their well-being.

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October 10, 2021