Understanding What Clients Want From Law Firms in 2021

Potential clients are indicating that a firm’s online reviews and affordability are their top priorities. Additionally, a physical office is not important, as long as you can develop a trusting attorney-client relationship in other ways. Use these insights to maximize your marketing efforts in 2021.
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As law firms begin the new year, it’s important to take a look at what potential clients are looking for when deciding whether to hire a lawyer. People are increasingly relying on online reviews of your firm and their initial impressions of your law practice—from how long it takes your website to load on their phone to how responsive you are to their request for a consultation—to determine whether they want to work with you. While it’s important to set your professional goals at the start of the year, you should also consider what potential clients are looking for in an attorney. Here are a few helpful insights to help you market your legal services more effectively to potential clients in the new year.

Online Reviews Matter

According to a recently published 2020 Legal Trends Report, consumers value the online reviews of a law firm above all else. The more positive reviews a legal practice has, the more likely it is that a client will contact and hire that attorney. However, consumers are also wary of fake reviews or perfect scores, as they are searching specifically for a law firm that is authentic and trustworthy. Make sure your reviews accurately reflect the professional image you are striving to present; if you receive a negative review, reach out to the unsatisfied client and ask how you can improve their experience. It’s also helpful to periodically respond to positive reviews to show potential clients that you are invested in client satisfaction.

Clients are Budget-Conscious

This last year brought about significant financial anxiety and hardship to people across the country. Legal clients are increasingly interested in firms that offer reasonable prices, discounts, payment plans, or fixed fees. While attorneys are less likely to consider the importance of the cost of their services, clients overwhelmingly indicate that cost is a top priority when searching for an attorney. Law practices that clearly advertise their costs and offer fixed-fee or payment plans tend to attract more client interest. The more you can show that you understand the financial hardships your clients may be facing, the more likely it is that potential clients will view you as a caring and trustworthy firm that’s worthy of their business.

Physical Location Has Little Impact on Success

As law firms across the country shuttered their brick and mortar offices during the worst of the pandemic, attorneys and clients alike found that a physical location had little to no impact on the client experience. With phone and video conferencing replacing in-person meetings, clients still felt supported by their attorneys and pleased with the services they received, even remotely. Both attorneys and clients indicated that having a commercial office space was the least important factor in achieving success, which carries interesting implications for the future of law firms. It seems that, as long as the client and attorney can develop a positive and trusting working relationship, the venue or environment is unimportant.

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January 3, 2021