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Understanding the Basics of Social Media for Law Firms

Social media posts and ads can be an integral part of a law firm’s overall digital marketing strategy. The more opportunities clients have to view the people behind the services, the more likely they will entrust you with their legal matters.
September 3, 2022

In recent years, smaller law firms have started exploring the benefits of using social media to market their services. Major retail brands have found success reaching new customers through social media platforms, steadily building brand awareness and public interest in their goods and services. Social media posts and ads can be an integral part of a law firm’s overall digital marketing strategy. However, before you start posting and expecting immediate results, it’s critical to take some time to craft an effective strategy to implement, measure, and adjust accordingly. This post will explore some of the ways your law practice can use social media to reach and engage with past, current, and potential clients to keep your firm growing steadily and sustainably.

Why Use Social Media to Market My Law Firm?

When many professionals think about social media, they picture personal accounts where people post photos and updates about their lives or current events. However, social media offers companies, businesses, and professionals an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, engage with potential customers or clients, and generate interest in their services. With the average person spending approximately two and a half hours on social media each day, brands and services that use these platforms to build brand awareness know that people will view their posts and ads regularly. Even if an individual sees a post or an ad but does not click on it, simply viewing the name of the law firm or the information in the post can start to increase awareness of this company’s presence. Every time a person in your area sees that you are active on social media, they will become more familiar with your brand. Should a legal matter arise, they are more likely to think of your firm and visit your website to find the answers they need.

Social Media and SEO Performance

Another benefit of using social media to market your law firm is that search engines like Google are increasingly using dynamic content (i.e., social feeds) in their search results to determine search page rankings. This means that maintaining a strong social media presence may lead to a higher ranking of your firm’s website on the search results page. Additionally, you can use your firm’s social media posts to address common legal concerns your clients may have, then provide them with a direct link to your website. Over time, search engine algorithms will view these efforts and use them to improve your search engine rankings.

Tips For Implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are considering incorporating social media into your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, it’s important to take some time to create a plan. Articulating your goals, ensuring that they are achievable and measurable, and identifying simple steps for putting the social media strategy in place will boost your chances of obtaining a successful outcome. Here are just a few tips to help you get started.

Identify the Social Media Platforms That Best Serve Your Needs

Many people assume that social media means Facebook. However, several social media platforms can help you reach your ideal audience. For example, Facebook tends to attract an older audience, while Instagram and Twitter are more popular with the younger demographic. LinkedIn is a great platform to help you build connections with other legal professionals in your community, which may be helpful in your ability to give and receive client referrals. Think about some defining characteristics of your ideal clients, and use this information to select one or two platforms that these potential clients are the most likely to use.

Set Realistic and Measurable Goals

The most successful social media marketing strategies start with clearly defined goals. Consider what you are hoping to achieve through this endeavor. Are you looking to increase awareness of your law firm within your community? Are you wanting to engage more clients who need a specific legal service? Once you’ve defined the motivation behind your campaign, think about how you can put these efforts into action and measure them to gauge their effectiveness. Fortunately, most social media platforms provide several tools for measuring consumer engagement and interest in a post or ad. You should be able to tell whether your approach is generating your desired results within a relatively short amount of time. You can use this feedback to make minor tweaks and make your posts and presence more impactful.

Engage With Your Clients

One of the most powerful aspects of using social media to market your legal services is your ability to engage with current and potential clients. Most people with legal issues perform a Google search to find a firm in their area that will help them, but they are usually overwhelmed by the number of law practices willing to serve them. Building and maintaining a social media presence allows people to get a better, more authentic sense of who you are and what core values guide your practice. The more opportunities clients have to view the people behind the services, the more likely they will entrust you with their legal matters.


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