Top Factors That Make Potential Clients Choose Your Law Firm

How do potential clients decide which law firm to work with? Factors like user-centered design and transparent pricing play large roles. Learn more today by discussing your goals with a knowledgeable legal marketing professional.

When someone encounters a legal issue or determines that they need to hire an attorney, how do they decide which law firm to choose? In today’s increasingly online world, a Google search will display dozens of law firms in the searcher’s vicinity (and even more if the searcher lives in a major metropolitan area). So, how does the person decide which law firm to work with? Which factors influence an individual’s decision to hire a particular attorney over others in their area? Most importantly, how can solo attorneys and small law firms identify these important influences and incorporate them into their digital marketing strategy in order to connect with and engage more clients in their community? As a smaller law firm that may not have the larger marketing budgets or in-house professionals of established law firms, it’s essential to understand the top factors that influence a potential client’s decision to hire a particular attorney or law practice over others in the area. Once you have a clearer idea of how potential clients make these decisions, you can work with a content marketing specialist to integrate these strategies into your digital marketing plan and maximize your chances of connecting with more of the clients you are hoping to serve. This post will highlight some of the most influential factors that potential clients consider when deciding which law firm to hire and how you can customize your law firm’s content marketing strategy accordingly.

A Visible Online Presence

It is important to recognize that many people’s decision to hire an attorney does not begin with this objective. They usually start with a question about a legal issue, such as whether they need to create an estate plan or the steps to take after a car accident injury. For many legal customers, their “client journey” actually starts with a simple Google search for information on a particular legal topic. Since many law firm websites discuss these topics, the search engine algorithm usually displays law firm websites at the top of the search results pages that contain relevant search keywords. Additionally, these search engine algorithms attempt to present information and results that are as relevant as possible to the searcher, which means that they will prioritize law firms in the searcher’s location or area. It can be somewhat frustrating to learn that your law practice cannot catapult to the top of Google’s search results overnight. However, there are strategies and best practices that you can take to remain search engine friendly and SEO optimized, allowing your website to rise steadily over time. For example, writing client-centered content that anticipates and addresses common client concerns performs well with search engines, as does maintaining favorable client review ratings that boost your authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engine algorithms. Your law firm’s digital marketing strategy should integrate SEO best practices to ensure that your law firm enjoys a visible online presence and appears near the top of the search results pages whenever possible.

A Client-Centered, Intuitive Website

Once a potential client clicks through to your website, you want to make sure that they have a positive experience from the very beginning. Unfortunately, a website that struggles to load in a timely manner (ideally, within three seconds or less) can frustrate a visitor and send them to another law firm’s page—costing you a potential client. So, what steps can your law firm take to make your website as user-friendly and appealing as possible? Generally speaking, site visitors prefer clean, uncluttered web design that incorporates negative space strategically to inspire impressions of serenity, calmness, and reassurance. Most people are put off by large blocks of dense text, overly “busy” images, or all-caps headlines that may seem too aggressive or “loud.” It helps to picture your potential clients and consider what they are most in need of—most of the time, they just want to feel reassured and in good hands during this vulnerable or challenging time in their lives. With this in mind, you can design your law firm’s website to inspire trust in your potential clients, making it more likely that they will turn to you for legal guidance instead of another law firm that appears less in tune with their individual concerns.

Transparent Communication

Cost plays a significant role in a client’s decision whether to hire one attorney over another. Legal services can be a considerable investment for many individuals, and clients want to know that the services they pay for will be worth it. Law firms that address pricing on their website or that advertise free consultations tend to receive more client contact submissions and call requests than firms that do not. Even if your website does not list a direct fee structure, you may want to consider at least acknowledging that your firm understands these financial concerns and that you are committed to providing high-quality legal services at reasonable rates. In many cases, a simple statement that acknowledges your awareness of the financial concerns of your clients can make all the difference in someone’s decision to move forward with your services. What’s more, this transparency will cultivate client trust and set you apart from other law firms (even larger, more established firms) in your area.

Convenient Scheduling Features

Another factor that potential clients enjoy is the inclusion of convenient and flexible scheduling features offered through your law firm’s website. Potential clients who may not want to call your law firm to schedule an appointment on the phone will be happy to click on a button that allows them to schedule a consultation online (and without having to pick up the phone). Working with a legal marketing professional is a great way to explore these automated, interactive features that you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy to appeal to and connect with more potential clients in your area. If you’re wondering how law firms can engage more clients, reach out to a knowledgeable and friendly content marketing firm to discuss your options and explore some legal marketing solutions that can grow your practice steadily and sustainably.

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July 10, 2024