Top Factors That Influence How Clients Choose a Law Firm

If your law firm is hoping to attract and engage more clients, try adopting client-centered strategies to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Focusing on high-quality content, anticipating client needs, and maintaining transparency are great ways to start.

It’s common to assume that when a client contacts your law firm to schedule an appointment, this marks the beginning of the attorney-client relationship. However, there are so many other steps and decisions that take place before the client decides to contact your office. For every client that reaches out to your law firm, how many other people have visited your website, read online reviews from former clients, or seen your posts on social media—and then decided that your firm was not the right fit? As a small to mid-sized law firm, every potential client matters. With so many options for legal services out there, especially in larger metropolitan areas, someone’s decision to move forward with a particular law firm often comes down to the smallest of details. If your law practice is hoping to serve more clients in the new year, now is the time to identify and understand the top factors that influence someone’s decision to choose one law firm over all the others in their area. This post will explore some of these critical factors and how you can revise your law firm’s digital marketing strategy to maximize your chances of engaging and connecting with a greater number of potential clients, enabling your firm to continue growing steadily and sustainably into the future.

Reviews Carry Significant Weight

Many law firms understand that asking clients to write online reviews is somewhat important. However, it turns out that the quantity and quality of a law firm’s online reviews play a significant role in someone’s decision whether to move forward with that law practice. It helps to recognize how, as humans, we still ask our friends and family members for their recommendations for products and services. For instance, someone in need of a plumber is more likely to ask their friends for a recommendation before they open a phone book or resort to Google. In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers view online reviews from other customers just as they would the personal recommendations of trusted friends and family members. Potential clients will likely spend at least some time reading reviews of your law firm’s services to get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. Let’s take a look at two simple ways you can maximize the impact of client reviews to encourage more potential clients to enlist your services.

Regularly Request Client Reviews

Asking your clients to write an online review for your law firm can be an awkward request. However, streamlining the review request process is the most effective way to accrue a respectable number of legitimate online reviews, therefore encouraging those who read the reviews to choose to work with your law firm. You may consider using automated tools to make this process as smooth and simple as possible—you can program a tool to send an email or text message to your clients with a link to the review website. Be sure to thank them for their time and feedback, and remind them that their experience matters to your law firm and your commitment to serving all of your clients as best as you can.

Respond to Every Review to Appear Client-Focused

Any law firm can make the claim that they value their clients, but not every firm puts this statement into practice. When someone visits the websites where your former clients have written reviews, they gravitate toward law firms that make it a priority to comment and acknowledge every review. For many potential clients, how a law firm or attorney responds to client feedback—both positive and negative—matters just as much (if not more) than the review itself. For example, a viewer may see that someone has left a negative review and then see how gracefully and tactfully your firm has responded to the reviewer’s concerns. Instead of allowing the negative feedback to dissuade them from working with your law firm, this potential client may appreciate your evident concern for making your clients feel valued and respected, no matter what. Moreover, they may choose to work with you because of your transparency and proven commitment to serving the needs of every client.

Integrity and Transparency Matter

Like any consumer looking for goods or services, potential clients are surrounded by digital advertising whenever they go online. This constant inundation of targeted ads often leads to fatigue, with potential clients wondering how they can really know whether a law firm will serve their unique needs. In such a crowded legal marketing landscape, how can your law firm set itself apart from every other firm providing similar services in your community? Generally, highlighting your firm’s professional integrity, exhibiting a genuine commitment to serving the individual interests of every client, and maintaining transparency whenever possible are concrete ways to earn your client’s trust.

Connect Meaningfully With Potential Clients

Although clients want to know that the attorneys they hire are qualified to serve them, they also want to trust that the people behind the professional titles care about them. Most people in need of legal assistance feel vulnerable and uncertain, so law firms that acknowledge this reality connect more meaningfully with potential clients. Use reassuring word choices in the content of your website and social media posts, or consider creating and sharing short videos of the attorneys at your firm speaking directly to a potential client and telling them that they will work hard to resolve any legal matters they may be facing.

Provide Transparency Whenever Possible

Many clients prefer working with a law firm that offers pricing transparency and flexible payment options. Your clients want to know how much to budget for your services, so consider displaying your prices and payment plans on your website to make these matters less mystifying for potential clients. The more ways your law firm can present itself as client-centered and genuinely invested in the well-being of those you serve, the more likely it will be that your efforts will inspire people to enlist your services.

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January 17, 2024