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The Future of Digital Marketing Trends For Law Firms

You probably know that building and maintaining a client-focused website, asking for client reviews, and writing SEO-friendly content are smart ways to grow your practice. New strategies, such as conversational marketing and video marketing, can help you grow your practice in 2022 and beyond.
March 24, 2022

As a small law firm, you recognize the importance of adapting your services to better serve your clients’ needs. Similarly, your digital marketing strategy should evolve to engage and attract more clients in your community. By now, you probably know that building and maintaining a client-focused website, asking for client reviews, and writing SEO-friendly content are smart ways to grow your practice. As we move into 2022 and beyond, here are a few digital marketing strategies to start exploring to support your law practice’s stable and sustainable growth.

Client-Centered Content Matters

For years, SEO best practices have focused on appealing to search algorithms by including keywords, locations, and other signals to improve rankings. However, as search algorithms evolve and anticipate more nuances in what people are searching for, it’s important to create more organic content that engages potential clients. This means that you should avoid relying so heavily on keywords and start addressing common client concerns. Gradually, search algorithms will start displaying your website to people with legal questions in your local area, as your content will align with common topics potential clients tend to have.

The Power of Conversational Marketing

Now more than ever, people expect to engage with online representatives whenever the need arises. If you haven’t yet implemented a chatbot or similar technology into your website, now is the time to consider taking this step. When someone visits your website, a message will pop up and ask the individual if they need assistance or to make an appointment. This makes the onboarding process much easier for potential clients, as they can quickly connect with you. Make sure that you communicate regularly with your clients as well—the more they feel like you are genuinely invested in their experience, the more favorably they will tend to view you (and review you).

Consider Video Marketing

You may have noticed that several law practices are pivoting to video marketing strategies. Short videos embedded on the firm’s website allow viewers to gather information while getting a sense of the attorney they may end up working with. These videos do not need to be overly formal or long; in fact, short, digestible videos that showcase both your professional and compassionate sides can go a long way in building client trust. Sometimes, someone just needs to see who you are and hear your caring tone of voice to move forward with you as their attorney.


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