The Benefits of Creating a Brand Voice to Market Your Law Firm

Establishing and implementing a distinct brand voice on your website and other digital platforms will set you apart from other firms in your area and shows your commitment to connecting with your clients in a meaningful and authentic way.

As a small law practice hoping to attract and engage more clients, finding the time to invest in a digital marketing strategy can be difficult. It’s easy to lose sight of these more abstract tasks when you’re already focusing so heavily on serving your clients. However, carving out some time to refresh your website’s content, post new blog updates, respond to online reviews from clients, and share some professional highlights on your firm’s social media platforms can go a long way in boosting your visibility and attracting the attention of potential clients. As you start to implement some of these strategies, it’s essential that you consider your law practice’s “brand voice.” While this may sound like something only major retailers do, establishing and implementing a distinct brand voice on your website and other digital platforms will set you apart from other firms in your area and shows your commitment to connecting with your clients in a meaningful and authentic way. Here’s what you need to know about creating a brand voice for your legal practice.

What is Brand Voice?

In the marketing world, brand voice refers to the language and style you use across your content to reflect your personality and connect with your intended audience. Remember that your potential clients are constantly surrounded by all types of marketing and messaging from various retailers and companies, so you will need to distinguish your law firm’s identity from all this noise. A law firm’s brand voice can range from calming and authoritative to friendly and compassionate—it all comes down to what qualities you want to convey to engage with potential clients.

How to Create a Brand Voice For Your Law Firm

Identifying your law firm’s brand voice begins with your clients. What qualities do they most appreciate about you? What are their primary concerns? When they approach you with a legal matter, what emotions are they feeling? Once you can articulate these client needs, you can start developing a voice that responds to these concerns. For instance, if you are an estate planning attorney, perhaps your clients crave reassurance as they plan for their futures. Consider adopting a voice that conveys care and compassion to show potential clients that you will guide them through all of their options and listen carefully to their specific needs. Criminal defense lawyers may want to implement a brand voice that is more protective and confident to show clients that the firm will fight hard to defend their rights. Taking the time to consider what your clients most appreciate about working with you will enable you to identify a brand voice that addresses their core needs.

Maintaining a Consistent Brand Voice

Once you’ve identified your law firm’s brand voice, consider updating your website to incorporate the revised tone, language, and style you are hoping to adopt. Find areas on your website that may need revision or minor tweaks to present a consistent and cohesive brand voice. Even punctuation choices can impact your brand voice—shifting an exclamation point to a period softens the tone and presents you as more calm and controlled. Once you feel satisfied that the content of your legal website reflects your desired brand voice, start implementing this voice across your social media platforms (i.e., LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). When you respond to online client reviews, do so using your brand voice to maintain consistency. Gradually, your clients (both current and potential) will start to view your firm as a cohesive and distinct entity, cultivating further trust among your desired audience.

Use Your Brand Voice to Highlight Your Firm’s Values

People with legal questions can find services at the click of a button. However, people naturally gravitate toward firms that put the client first. When a client approaches an attorney with a legal issue, they are usually looking for a capable legal professional who will guide them to their desired resolution without judgment. As you establish and incorporate your brand voice, take some time to revisit your law firm’s mission and values. Even if these statements are not in written form, you know what motivates you to serve your clients. It can help to identify three core values that drive your practice and build your brand voice using this solid foundation. Having a strong and consistent brand voice will set you apart from other legal services in your area, and potential clients will appreciate your thoughtful approach to communicating what your law practice is all about.

A Consistent Brand Voice Can Lead to Increased Traffic

Most people may not recognize a company’s brand voice on a conscious level. However, deliberate language and tone choices can appeal to a potential client on a deeper and more subtle level. Your law firm’s brand voice can inspire trust, convey compassion, and highlight your client-centered approach to handling legal matters. Visitors to your website will be more likely to move forward with you than with a firm offering services in your area with an overly-wordy webpage that’s full of legal jargon. If you’re ready to make small shifts to your digital marketing content, consider focusing on creating and implementing a clear and consistent brand voice.


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August 10, 2022