Simple Tips That Maximize Conversions For Your Law Firm’s Website and Attract More Clients

Your law firm can maximize conversions and attract more clients by adding contact forms, client testimonials, and calls to action to your website.

Whether you are an attorney who is running a solo practice or you are part of a small to mid-sized law practice, you rely on a steady stream of incoming clients. So, how does the average person search for and hire an attorney? Many people turn to trusted family members and friends for recommendations, just as they would when looking for a mechanic or when making other purchasing decisions. However, most people turn to the internet to find an attorney or law firm in their area. In fact, those searching for legal services often use client reviews to determine whether to hire an attorney; most people report that client reviews are just as trustworthy and valuable as referrals from friends and family members. Whether someone lands on your website because they looked it up by name or it popped up at the top of the search results page, your goal is to convert this site visit into a request for an appointment or consultation. This process, known in the marketing industry as “conversion,” is critical for law firms—you want those who view your website to follow through and hire you to help them resolve their legal issues. This post will highlight some simple strategies for maximizing your website’s conversion rate so you can grow your law practice steadily and sustainably.

How Website Design Impacts Conversion for Law Firms

First, it’s helpful to understand the relationship between your website and the client conversion rate. Essentially, a user-centered and fully optimized website is more likely to engage potential clients and inspire them to take the next step (i.e., complete a contact form, schedule an appointment, call your office, etc.). Conversely, a chaotic and confusing website may overwhelm site visitors and send them to another firm’s website, ultimately leading to a low conversion rate. Generally, websites that anticipate and address common client concerns and that implement intuitive navigational tools improve conversion and encourage visitors to enlist the firm’s legal services.

Tips For Making Your Law Firm’s Website Convert Better

In today’s increasingly competitive legal landscape, simply having an operational website is not enough to attract a steady influx of clients. People spend a considerable amount of time online (approximately six to seven hours a day, according to the most recent estimates), so they expect the websites they land on to load quickly, offer easy readability, and answer their questions. People form strong first impressions when they view a website, often within a few seconds, so it’s essential that you take steps to maximize the impact of your law firm’s website and optimize it to put the user’s needs first. Below are some simple strategies your law firm can use to boost your website’s conversion rate and engage with more potential clients.

Harness the Power of Contact Forms

Once someone visits your website and enjoys what they see, the next natural step is for them to contact your law firm for more information or to schedule an appointment. The more you can streamline and simplify this process, the more likely it will be for site visitors to follow through and contact your law practice. Integrating a contact form is a great way to boost your conversion rate and receive more messages from potential clients. However, not all contact forms are alike; you’ll want to steer clear of using overly long forms that demand too much of the site visitor. If the form takes too long to complete or requires the person to provide too much information, they may lose interest and look elsewhere for legal services. In general, the most effective contact forms only ask for basic information that the visitor can fill out very quickly and submit with the simple click of a button. Also, since approximately half of people browsing for legal services use a smartphone to do so, be sure that your website is mobile-friendly and that the contact form can be completed smoothly from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Integrating Client Testimonials to Demonstrate Your Trustworthiness

Any law firm can speak well of its services and boast about its client-centered approach to resolving legal matters, but people are far more likely to rely on client reviews when evaluating an attorney’s trustworthiness. Websites that include client testimonials allow visitors to get a sense of how the law firm helped other people facing similar legal issues. Essentially, client testimonials show site visitors how others felt about the experience of working with your law firm. By letting your former clients attest to your high-quality legal services, you can use your proven track record to inspire others to enlist your help. Consider including a few impactful client testimonials on the homepage of your law firm’s website to grab the viewer’s attention as soon as they land on your site.

Incorporate Clear Calls to Action on Every Page

It’s important to recognize that your visitors may not always land on your homepage first; searching for a specific legal topic may lead them to a practice area page or a blog post. Unfortunately, if you only include a call to action and list your contact information on the homepage, those who land on other pages may not know how to contact you or ask follow-up questions. Adding brief “call to action” statements on every page is the best way to ensure that potential clients can reach out to you and take the next step in the client journey process. Consider sprinkling short and simple call-to-action statements whenever possible that tell your visitors what they can do next, such as submitting a contact form or scheduling a consultation. By clarifying and streamlining the client intake process, your law firm can maximize the chances of site visitors taking action and enlisting your services.

If your law firm is hoping to attract more clients, developing and implementing a customized digital marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals. Give the LegalRev team a call today at (800) 893-2590 to get started.

October 24, 2023