Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Law Firms

Search algorithms like Google favor fresh, relevant, and search-friendly content, so make sure that your digital marketing efforts continue to evolve. Creating relevant content, monitoring online reviews, and highlighting your presence within your community are great ways to get started.

Attorneys at small firms recognize the importance of building client relationships to attract more business. Many sole practitioners or smaller law firms also understand the power of a user-friendly website and strategic social media posts. However, once these marketing plans are in place, it’s easy to forget about maintaining them. Search algorithms like Google favor fresh, relevant, and search-friendly content, so make sure that your digital marketing efforts continue to evolve as well. Here are a few simple ways to maximize your small law firm’s approach to digital marketing, reaching and encouraging more potential clients to contact you.

Create Relevant Content That Anticipates Client Concerns

Smaller firms that create blog posts inspired by current issues or that address common client concerns tend to generate more traction than those that simply maintain a website with more generic content. By putting yourself in your clients’ shoes, you can craft thoughtful, search engine-friendly content that answers some of the most frequently asked questions you receive. For example, if someone in your area types “Do I need an estate plan” into Google, you can rank higher in the search results if you create content that specifically answers this question. While creating new content is a good habit to maintain, you should also consider revisiting and revising previous posts now and then to keep things fresh and SEO-friendly.

Cultivate Positive and Authentic Online Reviews

By now, you are probably aware of how strongly online reviews can affect your business. Most people treat online reviews as personal recommendations, so it’s essential to monitor these client comments to ensure they paint an accurate picture of your legal services. Even if you receive a negative review, you should view this as an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and genuine concern for the client experience. When potential clients read reviews, they also consider your responses as a reflection of your business. Setting a warm and professional tone is the best way to establish your firm as trustworthy and invested in your clients’ well-being.

Establish Your Firm as a Proud Member of Your Community

As search engines continue to present searchers with results from nearby businesses or establishments, it’s a good idea to present your smaller firm as a proud and active member of your local community. The “About” page is a great place to share recent career highlights or highlight your participation in a local event. Think about the unique needs of your community and create content that speaks to those specific issues. Additionally, sharing recent accomplishments or community events via your firm’s social media platforms continues to signal your genuine investment in your community.

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May 10, 2021