Reflecting on and Improving Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Carving out time now to measure your law firm’s current marketing strategy’s performance and set new goals will set you up for greater success in 2023. You can start by assessing your website, search rankings, social media strategy, and client reviews.

As we begin the last month of 2022, now is the perfect time to assess your law firm’s approach to digital marketing. Whether your marketing strategy is comprehensive or in its early stages, it’s important to evaluate what is working well and what areas need improvement in the new year. Even though the holiday season can be hectic for attorneys, carving out some time now to measure your current marketing strategy’s performance and set new goals will set you up for greater success in 2023. It’s essential to recognize that digital marketing is a field of constant evolution and change, so adapting your strategy is the best way to get the most out of your efforts. Below are some suggestions for evaluating your current marketing strategy, as well as some tips for improving your approach and growing your law practice in the new year.

Start With Your Law Firm’s Website

Dedicate some time to view your law firm’s website from the perspective of a potential client. Ask yourself the following questions: Does it load quickly (within three seconds)? Do all the images display correctly? Does it load well on a mobile device or smartphone? Identify any areas that need attention or that could be tweaked to provide a better client experience. Make sure your site visitors can navigate the pages easily and intuitively, enabling them to quickly access the information they’re looking for. Include a CTA (call to action) on every page, along with an email, phone number, or contact form for them to schedule an appointment with you. If you haven’t taken advantage of performance tools that track lead volume or conversion rates, consider using these tools to measure the effectiveness and performance of your website, blog posts, and other digital marketing efforts. Most platforms, including Google, offer free tools to help you measure how many visitors have clicked on your website and, of those visitors, how many of them have followed through with contacting you. This data will be helpful as you identify and define your marketing goals for the coming year.

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Assess Your SEO Strategy and Search Rankings

Has your law firm made a deliberate effort to boost your ranking on search results pages? If so, did you achieve your goals? Whether you fell short of your goal or your law practice did not make this objective a priority in 2022, focusing on developing an SEO strategy is a great place to start in 2023. For instance, you may put more effort into creating and posting regular blog content to your website that is SEO-friendly and responsive to common search queries in your area. Or, you may channel some energy into rewriting your website content and titles to appeal more to your target audience. As search engine algorithms evolve and become more aware of what users are searching for, consider adjusting your content to anticipate and address potential clients’ questions and concerns. With time, search engine algorithms will take notice and start ranking your website and blog posts higher among the search results pages.

Consider the Power of Social Media for Law Firms

By now, many law firms across the country have built up some sort of social media presence. Creating a profile for your law practice and sharing recent blog posts, promoting a specific practice area your firm offers, or passing along a newsworthy item pertaining to your area of expertise can build brand awareness and increase client engagement within your community. Consider using social media platforms to meet your clients where they already spend a lot of their time. Even if someone does not have an immediate legal need, they will be more likely to think of your firm when an issue arises if they’ve already seen your posts and recognize your firm by name. Additionally, social media platforms provide quick and easy access to tools measuring user engagement, allowing you to track your most successful posts to inform future posting strategies and ideas.

Streamlining the Client Review Process

As this year draws to a close, take some time to read online reviews that current or former clients have posted about their experiences working with your law firm. If you only have a few client reviews, make this task a priority in the new year. Essentially, amassing more client reviews signals to search engines that your firm is active and meaningful, boosting your overall rankings. While it can be awkward to ask your clients to leave you an online review, there are automated tools that allow you to send a quick email or text to a client, and they can complete the review within minutes and with minimal effort. It’s also important to recognize that bad reviews happen, but you can view them as an opportunity to show those visiting the review site (aka potential clients) how invested you are in the client experience. Acknowledging the less-than-stellar review and inviting the reviewer to contact you to discuss how you can serve them better shows the public that you care about your clients and will take clear steps to improve your services.

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December 10, 2022