Optimizing Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy for Voice Searches

As voice searches become more popular among potential clients looking for attorney services in their area, it’s essential for your law firm to optimize your digital marketing strategy to boost your position in the search results and increase your visibility.
April 3, 2024

It may seem like the world of digital marketing is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. With the explosive growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and other digital marketing capabilities, many small to mid-sized law firms can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tools and strategies that promise to grow their businesses and bring in more clients. Naturally, attorneys and law firms rely on a steady stream of clients to serve, so identifying ways of engaging with potential clients and cultivating a positive reputation within the community you serve is essential for the longevity of your law practice. Whether your law firm is just starting to explore your digital marketing options or you are looking for strategies for taking your marketing efforts to the next level, it’s worth understanding how optimizing your digital marketing strategy for voice search devices and technologies can help you achieve your business goals. This post will go over the reasons behind the rise in voice search popularity and some simple ways you can tailor your digital marketing for law firm strategy to increase your visibility and engage with more of the clients you are hoping to serve.

What is Voice Search?

When most people want information about a topic, they type in search terms to a browser or search engine like Google and review the results. These searches have become increasingly easy to perform, as they can be done from a wide array of devices (i.e., desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones). Think of how easy it is to type in the search terms “restaurant near me” to find a good spot for lunch or how little time and effort it takes to type in a request for Google to recommend a highly-rated barber or plumber in your area. It used to be that such searches were primarily accomplished by typing search words into a web browser and reviewing the results provided by the search engine. However, the increasing availability of voice-activated devices (Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple’s Siri) offers a new way of searching for information or services. Instead of typing out your request, you can use your voice to ask the AI-powered search assistant to give you information or answer questions—an attractive option for drivers or others looking for hands-free search options. There are several key differences between traditional searches and voice searches, so let’s take a closer look at how to account for these shifts when optimizing your digital marketing strategy for law firms.

Optimizing Your Law Firm’s SEO Strategy For Voice Search

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, it’s important to consider both traditional searches and voice searches. An effective SEO for lawyers strategy ensures that potential clients in your area are able to view your firm’s website and content easily (ideally, near the top of the search results pages). Below are a few steps your law firm can take to optimize your digital marketing for law firm strategy to accommodate voice search technologies.

Focus on Conversational Keywords

When people talk to Siri or Alexa, they tend to use more conversational words and phrases than they would when typing a question into a search bar. Searchers who use their voices to ask questions tend to talk to these devices as they would a friend, meaning their speech includes more informal or casual phrases. For example, someone with a question about estate planning may ask Siri, “What should I put in my will?” and use slightly more formal search terms (such as, “What documents to include in an estate plan”) when looking for similar information using a traditional web search. It’s important for your content marketing for law firms strategy to integrate both formal and informal keywords to appeal to traditional and voice searches.

Incorporate Direct and Concise Information

Those who interact with voice search technologies often want direct and concise information about a specific topic. For instance, someone may hear the term “compensatory damages” and ask Siri or Alexa for a quick definition of this legal phrase. You can make your law firm’s digital marketing content appeal to searchers (and algorithms) who want concise and easily digestible information in response to a question. Integrating frequently asked questions (FAQ) throughout your website is a great way to anticipate common client questions and provide search-engine-friendly responses that are more likely to seize the attention of search engines looking for accurate responses to a searcher’s question.

Appeal to Local Voice Searches

Voice searches often involve a person’s request for nearby services. Local restaurant recommendations, open retailers, and other nearby businesses often appear at the top of the search results, as the algorithm assumes that the searcher wants options that are convenient and easy to access. As you work to optimize your law firm’s visibility in local voice search results, be sure to include clear and frequent keywords and references to your firm’s location. Additionally, it’s essential to update your Google Business Profile with accurate information to ensure that search algorithms and potential clients can access your website and services quickly and easily.

Test and Tweak Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

The best way to know whether your digital marketing strategy for law firms is working the way you hoped it would be is to test it yourself and make changes as necessary. It’s essential to view your law firm’s website from a variety of devices to assess whether to replace any hard-to-load images with more compressed visuals or to make any other changes that support a fast download speed. It’s equally important to try searching for a legal topic or service using a voice search tool to see where your website or content appears in the search results. Essentially, any way that you can monitor your law firm performance metrics to identify areas that need improvement is highly recommended. Consider working with a dedicated and experienced law firm content marketing specialist to help you articulate your goals and implement strategies that can deliver you the results you’re after.

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Optimizing Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy for Voice Searches

As voice searches become more popular among potential clients looking for attorney services in their area, it’s essential for your law firm to optimize your digital marketing strategy to boost your position in the search results and increase your visibility.