New Year, 5 New Logo Trends

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Are you inspired to give your law firm’s visual brand an overhaul in 2018? If so, let us help you get the creative juices flowing. In the first blog post of this year, we’ll examine five design trends that are sure to turn heads and solidify your professional reputation in the industry.

1. Gradients & ombres.

After several years of fairly muted and conservative colored logos, we’re happy to see graphic designers going a little nuts with bright and/or dynamic colors in 2018. If we’re being honest, we can probably credit Instagram with kicking off this trend, but there are tons of other brands that have executed this fad, such as:

insta asanaombre

2. Color overlays.

If gradients are a little too loosey-goosey for your taste, you may find color overlays more palatable. This style still lets you play with color but incorporates distinct lines that may feel cleaner. Here are some good examples:


3. Simplistic geometric shapes.

A more corporate alternative to flashy colors is to play with shapes instead. Fortunately, geometric word and logo marks are going to be big this year. If you decide to go this route, dark, saturated colors work best. Also, these logos tend to look best when the thickness of the lines in the word mark are of similar thickness as the typography. Check out these examples:


4. Social media optimized.

Not to be confused with SEO, many newer brands are purposefully creating logos that can be clipped easily for social media profile pictures. In other words, they incorporate design elements that can be quickly rearranged to fit in a variety of orientations. Here’s what we mean:


5. Broken & obscured letters.

For those who are equally geometric and typeface inclined, try using the name of your firm as its own wordmark. You can spice up the font by separating parts of letters or words in about a million different ways. Here are some examples to get you started:


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January 9, 2018