Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan For Law Firms

When it comes to growing your law practice, it’s helpful to approach the process by developing a marketing strategy and implementing a marketing plan to achieve your goals. Together, these efforts will help you measure each campaign’s effectiveness so you can adjust as needed.

Many people tend to use the terms “marketing strategy” and “marketing plan” interchangeably, but both are important in boosting your business and engaging more clients. Essentially, a marketing strategy focuses on the big picture—your overall goals for growing your law practice. It’s important to articulate your marketing strategy before you begin working on your marketing plan, which refers to the specific actions you’ll take to implement and support your marketing strategy. Let’s look at what these two phases entail and what steps you can take to take your legal marketing efforts to the next level.

Developing Your Legal Marketing Strategy

Before you launch a new marketing campaign, take some time to assess your law firm’s current performance. How many clients are you serving? How many new clients do you receive per month, and where do these leads come from? From there, think about your goals. While focusing on the big picture is helpful (i.e., “I want more of this type of client”), you should translate these large goals into measurable objectives. Think about your target audience, how other firms in your area are reaching potential clients, what types of marketing efforts can best reach your intended audience, and how you plan to track the success of your actions.

Executing Your Marketing Plan

Once you’ve taken some time to focus on your overall marketing goals and strategy, it’s time to implement your marketing plan. It’s helpful to create a marketing plan that includes specific targets, such as your desire to gain X amount of new clients by the end of the quarter. From there, think about the concrete steps you can take to achieve this goal—will you launch a social media marketing campaign? Invest in a PPC campaign? Fortunately, many of these tools allow you to track progress fairly quickly and easily so you can determine whether they are successful. If they do not appear to support your goal, you can use this information to revise your plan and execute a more targeted and effective campaign.

Supporting Your Firm’s Digital Marketing Goals

Although many small law firms choose to develop their marketing strategies and marketing plans on their own, some attorneys prefer to have support. If you want to grow your practice but cannot find time to develop these marketing strategies independently, the LegalRev team is here to help. Let us support your digital marketing efforts while you focus on running your practice. Reach out today to get started.

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August 3, 2021