It’s Time to Consider Incorporating Videos Into Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Take your digital marketing strategy to the next level by incorporating video into your efforts. Creating focused, engaging video content invites potential clients to enlist your legal services and establishes you as an authentic and trustworthy legal professional.
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Maintaining a user-friendly website and providing excellent client service are still great ways to build your law practice. Still, many attorneys are increasingly turning to video marketing strategies as well. Potential clients tend to enjoy short, engaging videos that address their questions and introduce them to your law firm’s overall “feel.” Whether you are thinking about creating your first video or you’re a seasoned video producer looking to maximize this marketing strategy, here are some guidelines for getting the most out of the videos you make.

Harnessing the Marketing Power of Video

With the average person spending 100 minutes a day watching online videos, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are keen on incorporating videos into their marketing strategies. Over 90 percent of marketers identify video as an essential component of their marketing strategy, with 88 percent stating that video marketing produces a positive return on their investment. Even if you’ve been reluctant to make a video to market your legal services, it’s hard to ignore how effective this strategy can be.

Effective Law Firm Marketing Video Must-Haves

Creating your first video can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a clear message or goal. Before you get in front of the camera, take some time to think about what your prospective clients want or need to hear. For the most part, videos that focus on addressing common client questions perform well, as do shorter videos (usually posted via your firm’s social media) that humanize you and your staff. As you speak to the camera, imagine that you are talking to a specific client—this can help you feel more relaxed, natural, and authentic.

Inspiring a Sense of Trust

Any law firm can put a video together, but those who approach the process with focus and vision are far more likely to see positive results. While your clients are naturally interested in the topics you are addressing, videos are about so much more than the words you say. Think of the nonverbal messages you want to convey as you speak. How do you want your clients to feel after they see the video? When you have a clear goal in mind, it’s much easier to produce a video that leads to your desired outcome. Above all, don’t forget to conclude the video with some sort of call to action, encouraging them to continue the conversation after the video is over.

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April 17, 2021