Is Your Law Firm Truly ‘Client-Focused’?

Taking the time to understand what your clients need, communicating your legal authority and genuine concern for their well-being, and requesting their feedback can grow your law practice in the new year.

As an attorney, your top priority is to provide effective legal services to your clients. When you meet with a potential client, you likely emphasize your experience and expertise in a particular practice area to inspire your client’s trust. Your digital marketing strategy also aims to highlight your authority and trustworthiness. These efforts already take the client experience into consideration, which is a great way to set your firm apart from other law practices in your area. However, is your firm really “client-focused” enough to reach and engage as many potential clients as you can? Here are some ways to take your efforts to the next level and grow your practice in the upcoming year.

Knowing What Your Clients Need and Want

Before you can truly serve your clients, you need to know more about who they are and what they need. Take some time to look at the clients you have served to look for any trends or commonalities. What is the average age of your clients? What are their main concerns? What do they want to hear from you? Taking some time to identify and articulate the specific needs and goals of your clients can help you focus your marketing efforts and client interactions more purposefully, resulting in more meaningful and authentic relationships with your clients.

Evaluating Your Communication Style

Every interaction a potential client has with your firm—from the website to meeting with you in person—makes an impact. Websites that are outdated, difficult to navigate, or too wordy can send potential clients elsewhere in a matter of seconds. Also, consider your firm’s approach to scheduling an initial client meeting. Can someone easily locate your contact information? Can they only make an appointment by phone, or can they schedule an appointment using an easy automated system? The easier you can make this process for potential clients, the more likely they will be to follow up with you. Once you speak with your client, either on the phone or in person, be mindful of your nonverbals, tone, and other subtle communications. Most people want to feel reassured, so find ways to showcase your support and professionalism in all your communications with them.

Prioritizing Client Satisfaction

Even if you think your clients are satisfied with your firm, you should check in with them to make sure this is the case. Informal conversations about how things are going can go a long way in showing clients that you care for their well-being. Additionally, asking clients for their feedback demonstrates your commitment to prioritizing the client experience. Telling clients that you value their thoughts can make them feel appreciated, gradually setting your firm apart from others in your area and attracting more clients looking for a caring and compassionate attorney.


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March 16, 2022