The Importance of Work-Life Balance & the Holidays

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The majority of the LegalRev staff enjoying a well-deserved happy hourOne of the great things about living and working in the United States is contributing to its industrious career culture. We gladly punch in and give our work everything we can, creating strong communities. Sometimes, however, we get carried away and neglect to take rest and relaxation we need.

Appreciating Each Other’s Time & Talents

It’s common knowledge that happy employees perform better and stay loyal to their companies. There are so many ways to make your staff feel valued, including providing benefits and growth opportunities, and giving credit where it’s due. At LegalRev, we support each other by working hard in our individual roles and reserving time to bond together outside of work.

The Holiday Season as an Opportunity

In celebration of another great year of hard work at LegalRev, our office will be closed on the 25th and 26th of November in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Furthermore, we’ll be taking the full week between Christmas and New Year’s off to rest up and prepare for the new year. Our office will be closed December 26th through December 30th. We hope our clients will appreciate our starting fresh and rejuvenated in January, and will consider taking some time off as well!

Preparing for the Break

If you anticipate having any service needs during our week away from the office, please call us before December 23 at (800) 893-2590. We value you as a client and will do everything possible to ensure everyone has a stress-free holiday season.

November 11, 2016