​​How to Take Your Attorney Bio Page to the Next Level

Increase your law firm’s authority, visibility, and trustworthiness by creating an “Attorney Bio” or “Firm Overview” page that distinguishes your firm from all the rest and shows potential clients what you’re all about.
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As an attorney at a small- to mid-sized law firm, you likely recognize the importance of maintaining a website to attract potential clients. However, simply having a website is not enough. Your website should anticipate and address common client needs and concerns, boosting your site’s SEO performance and driving more traffic to your website. With many other law firms in your area offering similar services, you’ll want to set your law practice apart and establish your firm as the go-to service for your particular practice areas. One strategy to increase your law firm’s authority, visibility, and trustworthiness is to create an “Attorney Bio” or “Firm Overview” page that distinguishes your firm from all the rest and shows potential clients what you’re all about. People searching for legal services are increasingly turning to these “About” pages to get a sense of the people behind the services, so it’s essential to convey your genuine interest in connecting with clients and prioritizing their needs. Let’s take a look at some strategies to take your “Attorney Bio” or “About” page to the next level and engage more clients in your area.

Approachability Matters

When people are looking for an attorney, professionalism does matter. However, most people prefer working with an approachable legal professional rather than an intimidating or overly formal lawyer. As you create content for your “Attorney Bio” or “About” page, consider using a warm and open tone that showcases the “human” behind the legal services. This page is not a dry list of professional accomplishments and credentials—it should build trust and rapport with your potential clients. Strike a balance between highlighting your qualifications and establishing yourself as a caring and trustworthy individual who genuinely cares about your clients.

Address What Inspires You to Practice Law

Your site visitors often want to know what drew you to this profession. Consider recounting the story of how you arrived at your firm. What inspired you to study law? Why did you choose to focus on particular practice areas? Discussing your journey from law school to your current position can give potential clients a clear picture of your values and goals as an attorney. Additionally, telling site visitors about your motivations to become an attorney allows them to see you as more than someone performing a job—you’ll emerge as a dedicated and caring professional who wants to obtain the best possible outcome for their clients.

Highlight Your Out-Of-Office Interests

Although experience matters to clients, they prefer working with an attorney who is more than just a capable legal professional. Yes, clients should know that they can trust you to resolve their legal issues, but they also want to know more about the person behind the title. Use the “About” page to highlight your personal interests. Clients enjoy knowing that their attorneys are active members of their community, so mention your enjoyment of hiking, skiing, or volunteering with a local organization. The more that your site visitors can see you as an integral part of the community, the more trustworthy and visible your law practice will become.

Tell Your Clients What They Can Expect From You

How can you set your law practice apart from other firms providing similar legal services in your area? Think about how you can convey the unique experiences your clients can expect from working with your firm. For instance, a personal injury lawyer may want to highlight a few cases in which they negotiated notable settlements on behalf of their clients. An estate planning lawyer may decide to focus on their customized approach to designing an estate plan that’s tailored to meet a client’s unique needs. Use the “About” page to distinguish the areas in which your law firm goes above and beyond to serve your clients.

Include Current Photos (or Videos)

Many people feel better when they can put a face to a name. Consider including an up-to-date, professional photo on your “Attorney Bio” or “About” page to show potential clients who you are. It’s worth taking the time to get your professional headshot done. You’ll want to show your clients that you care about connecting with them and earning their trust. You can also use these photos on your law firm’s Google Business Profile, Yelp, or Facebook page. If you really want to take your “About” page to the next level, consider creating and posting a short video that introduces yourself to potential clients. In today’s increasingly visual world, an engaging video can go a long way in establishing client trust and connecting with site visitors. Additionally, websites that incorporate meaningful, well-made videos invite the attention of search engine algorithms like Google, gradually increasing your website’s ranking position among the search results pages.

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April 24, 2023