How to Make Sure Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy is Voice Search Friendly

People are increasingly using AI assistants to perform voice searches for legal questions or to locate nearby law offices. Make sure to optimize your website for voice searches by addressing common questions and monitoring client reviews.
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When creating a solid digital marketing strategy for your law firm, it’s important to make it as comprehensive as possible. Crafting SEO-friendly website content, addressing common client questions, requesting and monitoring client reviews, and maintaining a professional social media presence are all great ways to increase your reach and inspire client trust. As more people use voice searching technology to ask questions and locate nearby services, it’s time to optimize your website and digital content for voice searches. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Optimizing For Information Requests

When people use voice search capabilities—on their smartphones or using a home AI assistant like Alexa—they typically ask a specific question about a given topic. For instance, someone may ask what happens during an uncontested divorce or if there’s a difference between an estate plan and a will. In response, the AI assistant will find information that matches the request. These search algorithms lean heavily on FAQ pages or service pages that include these questions with clear and concise answers listed beneath them. Your legal website will become more voice search-friendly by building your site to anticipate and address common client questions.

Preparing For Service Requests

If someone in your area needs to speak to an attorney, they may make a voice service request. They may ask if there’s a good car accident lawyer in their area or request the location of the best or top-rated family law firm. Instead of combing through legal websites to produce an answer, the AI assistants will use business listings (i.e., Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, etc.) to locate nearby law firms. It’s essential that your firm’s business listings are up-to-date and that your ratings are accurate. The higher your client reviews, the more likely it is that the AI assistant will suggest your services to people in your area.

Present Natural and Strategic Website Content

When it comes to creating quality, SEO-friendly content for your law firm’s website, it can be challenging to strike a balance between maintaining a natural tone and making sure the content appeals to search engines. You don’t want a website that relies heavily on keywords and blatant appeals to search engines, nor do you want beautifully written content that remains virtually invisible to search engines. Crafting simple and straightforward content that still follows SEO best practices can optimize your website for written and voice searches and welcome prospective clients with helpful and engaging content.

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May 3, 2021