How Small Law Firms Can Attract More Clients

Making small changes to your marketing strategy can steadily and gradually grow your law practice. By tapping into your existing client base, tracking your digital marketing efforts, and showing clients who you are as a professional, you can boost the number of clients you serve.

As a small law firm, one of your top goals may be to build a steady and sustainable client base. One of the best strategies for growing your practice is to focus your efforts on establishing your authority and reputation within the local community. While it’s unrealistic to expect that a few simple strategies will drive up business overnight, making small changes to your marketing strategy can steadily and gradually grow your law practice over time. Here are some tips for attracting, engaging, and retaining more of the clients you hope to serve.

Harness the Power of Your Existing Client Network

Most people in need of legal assistance look to trusted friends and family for recommendations. Think about your existing client relationships—are there ways you can encourage your clients to recommend your services to others? Find natural ways of incorporating referral requests into your client journey. For instance, as you wrap up an interaction with a satisfied client, reiterate how much you’ve enjoyed working with them and remind them that you’re happy to help their loved ones as well. If some time has passed since your last interaction with some of your valued clients, send a friendly email or newsletter encouraging them to refer others to your practice.

Track Your Digital Marketing Efforts

By now, you probably recognize the importance of maintaining a user-friendly website, presenting clear content that appeals to readers and search engines alike, and gathering online client reviews. However, going through the motions of checking off these boxes does not guarantee lasting results. Putting these practices in place is only the first step in your overall digital marketing strategy. You’ll need to monitor the effectiveness of these tools to ensure that they’re actually working. Fortunately, most tools come with analytic capabilities, allowing you to easily track how many views your website has had within a specific timeframe or how many clients have contacted you based on a social media post. Use these results to inform your future marketing efforts.

Show Clients Who You Are

People in search of legal services want to work with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. However, they also want to know who they are working with—what is your communication style? Have you handled similar cases in the past? Do you make yourself available to clients outside of working hours? By showing potential clients more of your professional self, whether through videos, your “About Me” page, or via your firm’s social media posts, people will better understand who you are and how you can help them.

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August 24, 2021