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How Law Firms Can Reach Their Ideal Client Through Digital Marketing

Even if your law firm has a solid digital marketing strategy in place, you may find that you’re not attracting the types of clients you’re aiming to serve. Understanding your ideal client can help you create more effective marketing campaigns to address their specific needs.
November 3, 2021

Even if your law firm has a solid digital marketing strategy in place, you may find that you’re not attracting the types of clients you’re aiming to serve. Appealing to a broad audience may bring in clients, but if you’re wanting to focus on clients with a specific legal need, you should consider implementing strategies to reach these individuals more directly. Here are a few tips for channeling your marketing efforts into reaching the types of clients you’re most interested in serving.

Begin With What You Know

First, take a look at client information from those individuals who have worked with you recently. What commonalities do they have? Does your firm appear to attract a specific type of client? Once you’ve identified a pattern or two, think about how your current marketing strategy appeals to the clients most likely to contact you. Look at your website—what is the tone? What services do you promote most heavily? Are you advertising your services through social media sites? If so, consider who may be most likely to use these sites and services to find a law firm.

Identify Your Ideal Audience

Once you have a better understanding of the types of clients your firm currently serves, take some time to envision the characteristics of your ideal client. Are you hoping to serve younger people? Are you looking to engage more high-net-worth clients? Do you want to take on more personal injury cases? Picture who these clients are: their age, gender, job position, location, interests, concerns, and other relevant factors. Taking a few moments to consider their perspectives and experiences will help you revise your marketing strategy to appeal to their concerns more effectively.

Putting Your Strategy Into Motion

If you are wishing to reach a new client demographic, adapt your marketing strategy to engage with them directly. Consider revising your website content to appeal to their unique needs, reorganizing your list of legal services to promote the practice area you’re hoping to grow, and promoting your law firm on strategic social media platforms that appeal to your target audience. Once you’ve served a client from your intended demographic, ask them to write you an online review to appeal to others with similar legal needs. Gradually, more individuals with these concerns will start to see you as a trustworthy resource for resolving their legal issues.

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