How Clients Find and Decide to Move Forward With a Law Firm

If you are looking for ways to attract and retain more clients, examining your digital marketing strategy is the best place to start. Every detail matters, from your tone of voice to the length of time it takes you to respond to their call or email.

Law practices depend on a steady influx of clients. If you are looking for ways to attract and retain more clients, examining your digital marketing strategy is the best place to start. Reviewing your firm’s website from the perspective of potential clients can help you identify areas where more clarity is needed, allowing you to make the necessary changes to improve the user experience. As you begin your assessment, it’s helpful to understand what potential clients are looking for in a law practice. Below are some of the most important factors that clients appreciate when searching for and deciding to retain an attorney.

People Start With an Internet Search

Unless someone receives a personal recommendation for an attorney from a trusted friend or family member, most people begin looking for a lawyer by performing a simple web search. According to one survey, 96 percent of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. This means that most people facing legal issues do not immediately contact an attorney. Rather, they look for information about a specific legal topic before they decide to enlist the help of an attorney. Recognizing that your potential clients may stumble upon your site when simply searching for information on a legal topic can help you recalibrate your content to anticipate and address common user concerns. As a result, search engine ranking algorithms will find your content useful and display it more prominently to those looking for information in your area.

Anticipating Common Client Concerns

Taking some time to tweak your online content can maximize your website’s SEO-friendliness and capture the attention of more potential clients. Since most people begin their client journeys with a legal question, consider the top concerns your clients have and write content that responds to these topics. For instance, one of the most effective strategies for making your website user-friendly is to answer questions that clients may enter into search engines. Integrating these questions and clear responses into a “Frequently Asked Questions” page or using them as titles to blog posts signals to Google that your website has relevant content that users need.

Looking for Local Law Firms

Once a searcher has determined that they may need to enlist the services of an attorney, they will start searching for a reputable law firm in their area. In most cases, the location of a firm matters significantly to a searcher, as they want to know that the law practice is easily accessible and has experience serving the community. They may use the maps feature to find law firms near their workplace or residence or add the phrase “near me” when searching for an attorney. Here is where investing in local search ads can be advantageous, as Google will display your ad to those searching for legal services in your area.

Reading a Law Firm’s Online Reviews

After finding a few law practices in the area that offer the services the client needs, the searcher will likely click on a few firms to read their online reviews. Google displays client reviews, as do other lawyer review sites like Avvo. Most people view online reviews as personal endorsements, as they get a sense of how the firm interacts with clients. As a law firm, it’s essential to regularly monitor your online reviews to ensure they reflect your vision of how you serve your clients. Remember to respond to both positive and negative reviews, highlighting your genuine concern for your client’s well-being. Show potential clients that you care about their feedback and that you use their comments and concerns to inform your practice. The more active and engaged you are with your clients through your online reviews, the more likely potential clients will develop a positive impression of your firm and decide to enlist your services.

Navigating the Firm Website and Scheduling a Consultation

Next, clients tend to visit the websites of a few firms. Here’s where first impressions are made in an instant—so make sure that your website loads quickly, is easy to read and navigate, and makes it easy for clients to schedule a call or fill out a contact form. Take some time to view your website through a client’s eyes. Does it address their concerns? Does the tone strike the right balance of professional and compassionate? Consider what your clients need most and use this information to tweak your website accordingly. Make sure contact buttons are displayed prominently on each page, making it easy for site visitors to take the next step.

Communicating With the Attorney Directly

When a potential client contacts you, be mindful of how you interact with them. Every detail matters, from your tone of voice to the length of time it takes you to respond to their call or email. Your goal is to engage and retain more clients, so treat each one with the respect and care they need to build trust with you. Most people just want to feel heard and reassured, as their legal issues often make them feel vulnerable. Once they feel comfortable entrusting you with their legal matter, they will likely decide to retain you and move forward with your law firm.


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July 3, 2022