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How and Why Client Reviews Affect Your Law Firm’s SEO Rankings

As Google’s search algorithm sees growth in client reviews and your responses to them, it will start to rank your website higher to searchers in your area.
October 17, 2021

As an attorney, creating and maintaining a firm website that’s search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly can boost your rankings within customer search results over time. You may also recognize the importance of requesting client reviews posted either to your website or a third-party review site, like Google My Business. Let’s take a look at how these two components can work together to drive your search engine rankings, engage more clients, and boost your law practice.

Why Reviews Matter to Law Firms

By now, you probably understand that generating positive client reviews is a great way to build up your professional reputation and advertise your legal services. Now more than ever, people rely on online reviews to determine whether to work with a potential attorney or law firm. According to recent estimates, 87 percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020—an 81 percent increase since 2019. Additionally, only 48 percent of consumers stated that they would consider engaging with a business with fewer than four stars. Customers and clients tend to trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or family member.

Client Reviews Can Increase Your Search Ranking Position

Sites like Google My Business encourage firms and businesses to monitor and respond to online reviews. According to Google, replying to reviews ensures that “customers will notice that your business values their input.” Not only are you responding to a particular customer, but you are showing other potential clients that you care about your clients and you’re committed to providing the best legal services possible. As Google’s search algorithm sees growth in client reviews and your responses to them, it will start to rank your website higher to searchers in your area.

Highlighting Your Commitment to the Client Experience

Requesting and responding to client reviews supports your law firm in several ways. First, this SEO-friendly digital marketing strategy ensures that search engines like Google will take notice of your efforts and start ranking your website more prominently for those searching for legal services in your area. Additionally, you’re communicating your genuine care for your clients’ experiences with your practice. Taking the time to read and respond to both positive and not-so-stellar reviews shows the particular reviewer and the online community that you value their comments. Over time, you may very well see a boost in client engagement.

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