Here’s Why Your Law Practice Isn’t Growing Like You Want It To

It’s time to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level by identifying what efforts are working and ditching those that aren’t. Harness the power of social media to show clients that your services are personalized and effective.

To grow your legal practice, you need to find more potential clients. Many people don’t realize they need an attorney until they are facing a stressful situation, meaning they don’t have the time or energy to spend hours researching and comparing various legal services. While some clients may come to you on the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member you’ve served, the most effective way to generate more business is to use a multifaceted marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why your law firm may not be growing as you intended and how you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to attract more clients.

Evaluate What’s Working and Ditch What Isn’t

The first step to maximizing your marketing strategy is to identify the efforts that are working and those that are not. Many attorneys still rely on older strategies (i.e., radio, newspaper, and TV advertisements) to bring in new clients; however, these platforms cost significantly more than advertising via social media. Additionally, those scrolling through social media can click on your ad and immediately send you an email, making the initial communication process much smoother and convenient—especially for those who don’t enjoy making phone calls. Before making any major changes, take a look at how your clients found you. If few to no clients mention that they found you via a particular marketing strategy, it’s probably time to ditch it.

Set Your Firm and Your Services Apart From the Rest

With traditional marketing strategies, attorneys have little room to distinguish their services from others. A small newspaper advertisement or billboard makes it nearly impossible to showcase who you are as a legal professional. Instead, digital tools like your website, blog posts, social media posts, and marketing videos encourage customization. These platforms allow you to connect with potential clients in a more authentic and personalized way—your written content can strike the tone you want to convey, while a short video can give clients a sense of your professional and confident demeanor. These personal touches often go a long way in inspiring clients to contact you.

Listen and Respond to What Your Clients Want in a Lawyer

It’s easy to focus so much on the technical aspects of serving your clients that you forget to consider what matters most to them. Of course, your clients are enlisting your help to resolve a legal matter, but that’s almost always just a fraction of the bigger picture. Your clients are people struggling with complex issues, and many of them are looking for a lawyer who offers words of encouragement and empathy. If you can take the time to determine what qualities your clients really want in an attorney, you can tailor your services to address these needs and slowly build your reputation as a trustworthy and genuinely caring law practice in your area.

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July 10, 2021