Getting the Most Out of Google PPC Ads to Market Your Law Firm

Essentially, launching a Google Ads campaign “buys” traffic to your website instead of relying on organic search results. Maximize your campaign’s effectiveness by focusing on long-tail keywords, using negative keywords, targeting specific zip codes, and using other strategies.

As a small- to mid-sized law firm, generating steady client leads is essential. When someone in your community has a question about a legal matter, they will likely perform a web search for information on that topic. So, how can you set your law firm apart from other law practices in your area that provide similar services? Investing in a strategic “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) campaign, if done thoughtfully and purposefully, can increase website traffic and boost your law firm’s visibility to searchers in your area. Although PPC ad services, such as Google Ads, require some investment upfront, a successful PPC campaign can boost the number of client leads within a relatively short period of time. Additionally, people looking for legal services in your community will see your law firm’s information and website at the top of the search results page, making it easier for them to see your law practice as a visible and integral part of the community. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to maximize your Google Ad campaign to engage with more clients.

How Google Ads Work

Essentially, launching a Google Ads campaign “buys” traffic to your website instead of relying on organic search results. You can customize your PPC campaign using keywords and location. When someone located in your area searches for a topic with the keywords you’ve identified, your ad will appear at the top of their search results page—increasing the likelihood that they will click on your link first. By optimizing your Google Ads, the ROI will outweigh the costs of the campaign and drive traffic to your website. If this is your first experience with designing and implementing a PPC campaign, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with some of the most effective strategies to maximize the impact of your efforts.

Strategies For Creating a Successful PPC Campaign

Creating a Google Ad campaign is only half the battle. Just because you set up a campaign does not mean you will get immediate results. For instance, using overly broad keywords or forgetting to target your geographical location can prevent the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the Google Ads tool.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

As you design your PPC campaign, you’ll need to identify the keywords associated with your services. However, the terms “attorney” and “lawyer” are far too broad—they do nothing to set your law firm apart from others in your area. Instead, focus on long-tail keywords to get the most out of your efforts. For example, instead of using an overly-generic keyword like “lawyer,” use a more descriptive string of words like “car accident lawyer in San Francisco” to provide more specific matches. Narrowing these descriptions ensures that the clients you are targeting actually see (and hopefully click on) your Google Ad.

Use Negative Keywords to Be More Selective

In many cases, using negative keywords is just as important as using long-tail keywords. Negative keywords refer to terms that you do not want to associate with your ad. You can use negative keywords to flag and discard irrelevant terms, such as the names of other states or cities or the words “cheap” or “free” (these often result in low-quality sales leads). Don’t hesitate to be somewhat aggressive in using keyword exclusions. The more you can define your desired parameters, the more likely it is that your campaign will generate high-quality and relevant results.

Target Zip Codes and Postal Codes

As you define your target geographic area for the PPC campaign, think beyond just listing the city or cities you are targeting. Many cities encompass multiple zip codes, so list each area to ensure your Ad campaign remains visible to these communities. You may even consider prioritizing one zip code over another to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness. For instance, if your firm practices elder law and you know a specific region of the city has the highest concentration of nursing homes or assisted living facilities, consider targeting that zip code first.

Test Your Ad Copy For Effectiveness

As you design your campaign, take some time to test its effectiveness by asking your former or current clients to provide feedback. Even if a searcher sees your ad at the top of the search results page, they may not click on it if it fails to engage them. Google provides several tools to help you test and measure different versions of your ad copy to determine the version that resonates best with your target audience. After you launch your campaign, be sure to use the tools and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. You can always make tweaks and adjustments to enhance the success of your PPC campaign as needed.

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May 3, 2023