Embracing the Future of Legal Marketing

As the digital marketing landscape adapts to suit consumer habits better, it’s important to adjust your legal practice to meet your clients’ needs. Focus on building client relationships through strategic social media posts and mobile-friendly website design.
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The last several years—particularly 2020—have shifted the landscape for most businesses and services, including law firms. While many companies will return to offices in the upcoming months, remote services look like they are here to stay in some capacity. So, what does this shift mean for the future of legal marketing and client services? Below are a few legal marketing trends that are likely to shape and serve our current and future needs.

The Power of Building Client Relationships

As we all know, the limitations of 2020 kept most of us inside and isolated from one another. The use of communication technology soared as we tried to maintain personal and professional relationships through a screen. Our desire for connection drove consumers to gravitate towards personalized content from companies or agencies that expressed genuine interest in their needs. Law firms can use this information to create personalized digital marketing efforts that prioritize client experience. Clients entrust their attorneys with deeply personal issues, so finding ways to communicate your support and concern for them can go a long way in solidifying these relationships.

Using Social Media Strategically

By now, you probably know that having some type of social media presence for your business can help you build awareness and increase client engagement. However, as people spend a considerable amount of time on social media each day, they may become numb to generic posts. Get the most out of this marketing tool by creating meaningful, engaging posts aimed at sparking conversation or prompting action. Share a recent win your law firm had or spotlight volunteer work you are passionate about to illustrate your firm’s mission and values more concretely.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Search engines like Google are increasingly prioritizing mobile content. As consumers perform the bulk of their searches on their smartphones than on laptop or desktop computers, it’s critical that your legal website loads quickly and displays correctly on mobile devices. Avoid long blocks of text or images that don’t load well on mobile devices, and be sure to make contact buttons front and center on your mobile-friendly site. Additionally, as more clients perform voice searches on their mobile devices, you should tailor your site content and blogs to align with search queries and relevant keywords.

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March 17, 2021