Boosting Client Engagement Through Your Law Firm’s Social Media Strategy

Incorporating a social media presence into your law firm’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy is a great way to reach more clients in the area you are hoping to serve.

The core of an effective digital marketing strategy is building and maintaining a client-centered website. By now, most small to midsize law firms recognize the importance of having an engaging and search engine optimized (SEO)-friendly website. Sites that appeal to your target audience not only build client trust and bring in more business but search engine algorithms reward their organic tone and SEO-friendly content by ranking them higher on search results pages. If you are looking to boost your site’s performance, there are digital marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic to your site, inspire public trust, and build lasting relationships with your clients. While some law firms view social media with skepticism, incorporating a social media presence into your comprehensive digital marketing strategy is a great way to reach more clients in the area you are hoping to serve. This post will explore how building a social media presence can bring more clients your way.

Why Should My Firm Consider Having a Social Media Presence?

Many attorneys are initially hesitant to consider using social media as part of their marketing strategy. Early social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, primarily attracted people who wanted to communicate with friends, family, and followers on a personal level—they weren’t necessarily tools for professional use. However, these platforms have become powerful marketing tools as companies and businesses create profiles and posts demonstrating their goods, services, and values. In recent years, many law firms have followed suit; according to a 2021 American Bar Association survey, 86 percent of respondents stated that their law firms have a presence on social media. However, it’s important to take some time to understand your clients and determine which social media platforms they typically use. For instance, Facebook appeals to slightly older users, while Twitter and Instagram tend to attract a younger demographic. The audience for LinkedIn is generally made up of professionals and those interested in furthering their careers in various fields. Understanding the platforms your clients prefer allows you to meet them where they already are.

How to Launch Your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence

The concept of building a social media presence for your law practice can seem overwhelming and intimidating. While it does require some time and consideration, putting in the work now will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, increase public awareness about your services, and boost client engagement over time. Here are some steps to help you get started.

Set Attainable Social Media Marketing Goals

It may be tempting to hastily create a social media account and start posting right away. However, neglecting to set goals for your firm’s social media strategy may lead potential clients to view your posts as inconsistent and unfocused. Take some time to map out measurable and attainable goals, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of each post. Social media platforms provide user-friendly tools to help you measure the impact of your posts. You can quickly determine which posts are the most liked and elicit the most engagement. Look for trends among your most successful posts and use this information to help you create future posts that are more likely to inspire responses and feedback.

Focus on Consistency

Businesses that use social media most effectively prioritize consistency above all else. Each post should reflect your firm’s core values and use a similar tone to show potential clients who you are. It helps to create a simple document that outlines your firm’s mission, tone, and voice to ensure that each post aligns with these concepts. You may also wish to establish a regular posting schedule to keep your strategy on track.

Post Client-Centered Content

As a law firm posting on social media, you’ll naturally want to focus on the quality of your services. However, try to keep the focus on the client experience as much as possible. Potential clients may not gravitate toward dense posts about a legal topic, but they will respond well to posts that address their common questions and concerns. For example, rather than posting about the components of an estate plan, focus on why young parents should consider putting an estate plan in place. Think about what your clients need and value, then write content and posts that speak directly to these concerns.

Building Client Engagement Over Time

Remember, you are not going to see a dramatic increase in client calls overnight. Increasing awareness about your law firm’s services takes time. By harnessing the power of well-crafted social media posts, your firm can build brand awareness, inspire client trust, and establish your practice as a valued and respected presence in your community. Over time, more people in your area will think of your law firm whenever a legal matter arises.


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December 3, 2022