4 User Experience Improvements Your Law Firm Can Use to Increase Conversion Rates

Law firms who are looking to attract more clients should consider implementing a few simple user experience (UX) improvements that can boost conversion rates over time. By putting the needs of the client first, you’re likely to see a steady rise in the number of clients contacting you.
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When it comes to digital marketing strategies for law practices, creating user-friendly and client-focused websites is crucial to setting your firm apart and attracting the clients you’re seeking. Websites that do not load quickly or correctly on a mobile device, or whose content is dense, confusing, or cluttered tend to push potential clients away. If you are looking to boost your conversion rate and encourage more potential clients to contact you, it’s worth taking a look at four User Experience (UX) strategies that specifically target the unique needs of your clients. By implementing these subtle changes, you’re more likely to experience a higher conversion rate over time.

1. Prioritize Mobile Design

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to perform internet searches and visit websites. Recent estimates suggest that more than half of mobile users only use their smartphones to explore new brands, with 89 percent of mobile users stating that they’re likely to recommend a brand or company if they’ve had a positive brand experience through the mobile site. Clearly, optimizing your law firm’s website to display well on a mobile device makes it easier to appeal to potential clients. Keep the content concise and make it simple for clients to contact you.

2. Communicate Your Values

As an attorney, you know that your clients are facing some type of legal issue that needs to be resolved. However, consider their emotional state—instead of designing your website to overwhelm them with legal jargon and technical information, focus on how they are feeling. Family law attorneys may focus on how they’ll provide reassurance and support during a divorce, while criminal defense attorneys could highlight their advocacy and dedication to protecting their clients’ futures. Potential clients will be drawn to how your site makes them feel, so design your site with this in mind.

3. Showcase Your Expertise

When looking for an attorney, clients want to know that a particular lawyer or firm is trustworthy and capable of resolving their matter. Establish yourself as an expert in your field by populating your website with positive client reviews, awards you’ve won, recognition you’ve received, or by highlighting other professional achievements. Consider including a professional photo of yourself and the members of your legal team to make the site more personable and approachable.

4. Encourage Clients to Contact You

Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful website that focuses on UX is a clear invitation for potential clients to contact you. On both the desktop and mobile versions of your website, include easy-to-find contact information with short and effective statements urging clients to reach out to your firm. Consider using a simple contact form that allows clients to contact you, or try an automated scheduling system that gives clients the flexibility to arrange an initial consultation at their convenience.

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September 3, 2020