New Law Firm Marketing Plan: It’s All Digital

As businesses have started to move away from in-person communications with their customers whenever possible, digital marketing efforts are becoming more important than ever. Law firms can implement a few strategies to make themselves more visible to potential clients.

As businesses around the world are shifting their practices and services in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, digital marketing efforts are more important than ever. People still need legal assistance, so law firms are finding ways of making themselves more accessible to clients through a variety of digital marketing strategies. If you are looking for a few ideas of how to grow your legal practice, here are some digital marketing tips for making your law practice more visible to potential clients.

Make Sure Your Website is User-Friendly

Whether you’ve had a website for your law firm for several years or you’ve just created a new site, it’s essential that you assess your website’s design and content from the perspective of a potential client. Make sure the landing page is uncluttered, welcoming, and helpful to those who come across it. If there are many pages to the website, they should be easy to navigate and display content that informs the reader but does not overwhelm them with dense legal jargon. Be sure to include several calls to action, or invitations for clients to contact you via phone or email.

Keep Your Blog Current

Creating frequent blog posts that you can display on your website and share through various social media channels is a great way to establish your firm as an authority in your specific practice areas. When potential clients see that you are actively engaging with current legal topics, they are more likely to feel that you care about these issues and that you are a trusted legal professional who can assist them with their legal needs. Blog posts don’t need to be lengthy or overly complicated; in fact, by keeping the posts direct and informative, you can convey the necessary information in a snappy and effective manner.

Consider Social Media Marketing

As the pandemic has made in-person communication less desirable, there has been a major societal shift towards digital communication. Activity on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, has increased over the last few months, and other video-conferencing applications, such as Zoom and GoogleMeet, have seen a dramatic rise in user engagement. Realizing that many potential clients are spending at least a portion of their days on social media, law firms can seize this opportunity to make themselves more active and available. In turn, the more that potential clients see your firm’s name and recognize that you are making deliberate efforts to connect with them in an authentic way, the more you will build consumer confidence and trust.

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July 17, 2020