4 Questions to Help Law Firms Define Their Brand

The more you can highlight what drives you to practice law and what potential clients can expect from working with your firm, the more likely it will be that people in your area will choose your law practice over other firms offering similar services.

If you are looking to up your law firm’s digital marketing game, consider starting with identifying your brand. Some attorneys and small law firms may think that the term “brand” only applies to businesses delivering consumer goods, like shoe lines, apparel stores, or food markets. However, those providing services to clients, such as medical groups, dental offices, and even law firms, can grow their practices substantially and sustainably by defining their brand and engaging with their target audience. As you start to articulate your law firm’s core values and mission statement, consider asking yourselves the following questions. Then, use your responses to develop an effective and memorable brand for your law practice that allows you to connect more authentically with past, current, and future clients.

Why Develop a Brand For My Law Firm?

Neglecting to define your law firm’s brand can negatively affect public perception and awareness of the services you’re offering. Think about your brand as the foundation from which you can expand your legal practice and serve those in your community more meaningfully and sustainably. Without defining your brand, your marketing efforts risk appearing scattered, inconsistent, or out of touch with your clients’ needs. By taking the time to articulate clearly your firm’s mission and desired outcomes for your clients, you can develop more targeted, authentic, and successful marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and bring in more clients. Consumers generally gravitate toward companies and services that communicate a strong message about who they are. The more you can highlight what drives you to practice law and what potential clients can expect from working with your firm, the more likely it will be that people in your area will choose your law practice over other firms offering similar services.

What Does Law Firm Branding Look Like?

First, it’s helpful to get a sense of what an effective legal firm brand looks like. When most people think of branding, they think about colors and logos associated with a particular company. However, branding encompasses far more than just a color scheme and slogan—branding communicates the core values and personality of your law firm. Think of what motivated you and your colleagues to work in the legal field. What drives you? What motivates you? What are your goals for the clients you serve? You can use your responses to these questions to develop a consistent brand voice across all marketing platforms (i.e., your website, blog posts, social media platforms, etc.). This stage of the brand development process can take some time and energy, as you’ll need to reflect on the underlying mission of your firm and how you can communicate these values to potential clients.

What Types of Clients am I Hoping to Serve?

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about what motivates your legal practice, you’re ready to start defining the characteristics of your ideal client. While any potential lead may be welcome, making an effort to connect with your target audience often leads to an increased volume of client calls from this demographic. Look at some of the clients you have enjoyed working with the most, and consider what qualities, goals, concerns, and characteristics they had in common. For instance, if you practice estate planning law and want to encourage younger clients to understand the benefits of putting an estate plan together, use this information to appeal to people from younger generations. Think about what marketing platforms they are more likely to use (i.e., Twitter and Instagram instead of Facebook, which caters to an older audience) and channel your marketing efforts to build brand awareness where your target audience already is. The more you understand your target audience, the more effective your messaging and marketing strategies will be.

What Sets My Firm Apart From the Competition?

Law firms, particularly those in major cities, may struggle to obtain a steady stream of clients, as there are dozens of other firms in the area offering similar services. It’s critical that you define what makes you different from other law practices—what can clients get from you that they cannot get anywhere else? Perhaps you want to highlight your experience in a particular field of law or communicate your client-centered, results-driven approach to each case. Remember, many clients entrust their attorney with vulnerable and sensitive matters, meaning they may value compassion and reassurance more than more technical qualities, like years of experience. Law firms that excel in attracting new clients tend to focus more on showing the people behind the titles. Sharing some details about what attracted you to become an attorney, what hobbies you enjoy, and what you like most about helping your clients can inspire more connection and confidence in those visiting your firm’s website. Most people prefer to work with an attorney who appears authentic, trustworthy, and genuinely invested in the client’s well-being rather than a lawyer who only talks about their track record or experience.


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November 10, 2022