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3 Ways to Encourage Positive Client Reviews About Your Law Firm

Positive client reviews are key to growing your law practice, but it may feel awkward to ask each client to review you. By providing an exceptional client experience, assessing client satisfaction, and considering an automated approach, you may find greater success in collecting positive reviews.
November 17, 2020

By now, you are probably aware of how client reviews can affect your law firm’s visibility and authority within your community. A string of positive reviews from clients translates to a higher Google ranking over time, ultimately allowing more potential clients to discover you. Additionally, people who frequently use review sites, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook, often share these reviews on social media. So, if a client writes a rave review of your firm and shares it, their network will take notice. These days, online reviews carry the same weight as personal recommendations from friends; consumers trust online reviews and use them to determine whether to contact or work with a specific business. So, how can you encourage your clients to post good reviews about your legal services? Let’s take a look.

1. Provide Excellent Service

While clients come to you because they need help with a legal issue, it’s important to recognize that their entire experience with you and your firm makes a lasting impression. You never know what kind of day your client has had, so even a warm smile or an encouraging tone of voice can be just what they need to feel like you truly care about them. Providing exceptional client service should be your top priority—the more you can make them feel heard, understood, and supported, the more likely they will be to say kind words about you and recommend your law practice to others.

2. Gauge Their Receptiveness

Asking for a client to write you a review can be awkward, if not downright clunky. Instead of ending each interaction with a client by asking them to go online and post a review, try to use a more organic approach. Ask subtle questions, such as, “Are you happy with how I handled this case?” or “Would you work with our firm again?” to assess their level of satisfaction. If they seem lukewarm, no need to ask them for a client review. If they respond with words of enthusiasm, invite them to share their positive experiences online. This doesn’t have to feel forced; simply saw, “I’m so pleased to hear you had a good experience with us. It would help our team out greatly if you could take a few moments to leave a review on Google or Yelp.” This gentle suggestion leaves the client feeling like doing so would be a kind action to take—not a compulsory one.

3. Consider an Automated Approach

It may not feel appropriate to ask for client reviews in person, so you may want to consider using an automated approach as well. There are several types of review management software that can be tailored to suit your goals. Most of these systems simply require a client’s email or phone number, and the system will reach out with a short survey. Satisfied clients will be directed to your chosen review site and encouraged to write a few words, while unhappy clients will not be forwarded to a review site. Instead, they will be asked for ways you could improve their client experience. Over time, you’ll likely see a steady rise in positive client reviews, ultimately making your law firm more visible to Google’s search algorithm and to potential clients.

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