3 Questions Law Firms Should Ask Themselves Before Leveling Up Their Marketing Efforts

Before you can move forward with a newer, more effective marketing strategy, you need to take some time to assess your current marketing approach. Check out how other law firms in your area are marketing themselves, articulate your goals, and track your progress to grow your legal practice.

If you’re looking to attract more clients and build your law practice, you already know how important a solid marketing strategy is in helping you achieve these goals. However, before you can move forward with a newer, more effective marketing strategy, you need to take some time to assess your current marketing approach. Here are three questions that small law firms should answer to understand their marketing needs better and grow their practices effectively and sustainably.

1. Is Our Website Current, User Friendly, and Fully Optimized?

One of the most powerful marketing tools your law firm has is your website. People in your community in need of legal services will perform a quick Google search and start clicking on the websites they see first. To ensure your website catches the eyes of potential clients, optimize your website to become as SEO-friendly as possible. Use targeted keywords, mention your location, and provide clear and relevant content that anticipates common client questions. Additionally, make sure that your website loads quickly and is easy and intuitive to navigate, making it simple for clients to schedule a call or consultation with a simple click.

2. How Are We Setting Ourselves Apart From Other Firms?

Search engines are increasingly responding to user searchers by providing localized listings. This means that a potential client in your community looking for a personal injury attorney will see your law practice listed alongside other firms offering similar services. Take some time to look at how the other firms present themselves. Is their content engaging? What tone does their content convey? Once you better understand what they offer and how they are marketing themselves, you can adjust your strategy to set your services apart from the potential competitors.

3. How Are We Tracking Our Marketing Progress?

Putting a solid marketing plan in place is only a part of an overall strategy. Optimizing website content or creating a regular social media posting schedule is great, but these steps won’t mean much if you don’t measure their effectiveness. Fortunately, several easy-to-use tracking tools help you measure performance indicators, such as landing page conversion rates, social media traffic, cost per lead, and more. Make it a habit to monitor these metrics so you can quickly determine what’s working and what’s not.

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September 3, 2021