3 Marketing Habits of Successful Law Firms

Growing your legal practice relies on a solid marketing strategy. By focusing your efforts on building your local reputation, gaining momentum, and tracking your progress, you’ll be able to maximize your digital marketing strategy and attract more clients.

Growing your legal practice relies on a solid marketing strategy. However, evaluating your marketing practices often falls to the bottom of your to-do list, as your main priority is serving your clients. While it’s tempting to assume that clients will eventually find you on their own, neglecting to implement a simple marketing strategy may prevent you from reaching clients in need of your services. Here are three easy and effective marketing habits to help you get started.

1. Make Your Law Practice Known in Your Local Community

Any digital marketing strategist will tell you that location is everything. Google considers a searcher’s location when determining what results to show them—someone searching for an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles will receive results listing law firms in that area. By incorporating your location in your content, posting your firm information to online directories (Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Bing Places, etc.), and joining local professional organizations in your area, your community will become more aware of your presence and services.

2. Build Momentum

Without generating, tweaking, or promoting content that advertises your legal services, search engines tend to ignore you. Google’s search ranking algorithm favors those who remain active, so it’s worth it to schedule regular blog posts or social media updates to keep your practice visible to potential clients. This doesn’t need to be a labor-intensive process; instead, send out a link now and then to a service area page on your website to promote your expertise in this area. Or, if you’ve recently won your client a large settlement, share this news via your website or social media.

3. Track Your Progress and Reassess as Needed

You may think that using any digital marketing strategy is better than nothing. However, it’s essential to monitor its success so that you can readjust as needed to make your efforts as effective as possible. Fortunately, blogging and email marketing tools can easily track their effectiveness; you can see how many views each post or email received and learn which topics were most successful. Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to track a wide range of digital marketing efforts to ensure that you’re seeing the results you want.

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July 3, 2021