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It’s 2017, Do Links Still Matter?

April 19, 2017

Vector illustration of a linkThis question has been floating around the SEO universe since the end of 2016. While it seems like a simple question, it’s actually quite complex. Lucky for you, we’ve boiled it all down into a digestible answer.

Yes, Links Still Matter

In layman’s terms, links help tell search engines (i.e. Google) what page(s) on a website are important. The more high-quality external sites linking to yours, the higher the page’s importance in the eyes of bots. In essence, the more links you have, the more important your site looks to bots.

Not All Links are Created Equal

It is possible to have too many links, as well as low quality links that actually hurt your SEO efforts. If you link to a site that’s been flagged as spam or even suspended on a search engine like Google, you could see negative effects on your own site. The same is true for having too many, and/or irrelevant, links. Linking to a page for the sake of linking to a page does not carry the same weight as a high quality link. We could write a post just on quality links (stay tuned!) but we’ll save that for another day.

While Links are Still Important, They’re Not Everything

Making sure your website has quality links is only one piece of the puzzle. You must also have quality content. We’ve written several posts recently about quality content and focusing on user experience for SEO in 2017. In them, we detail the importance of the right amount of content, focusing on the user’s experience, and still pleasing the search engines. All of these things combined with proper link-building is the key to success in terms of SEO.

Don’t Worry, We Do It All!

We handle everything related to proper SEO from quality content and links to website speed and everything in-between. We pride ourselves as a team of data-driven digital marketers and give each client a customized approach to best serve them. If you’re ready to optimize your site, we’ve got you covered. Call LegalRev at (800) 893-2590 or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter for more info.

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