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Quality or Quantity: What’s Better for Content Marketing?

September 20, 2016

"Content marketing" Google search with contradicting results | Photo sourceFor the last several years, most experts in the content marketing world have been saying the quality of content matters more than the quantity. Recently, we’ve been seeing a bit of a shift toward the opposite line of thinking, suggesting that more content may be better after all.

Why Would More Content Be Better?

According to BuzzSumo’s Steve Rayson, upping the quantity (and therefore the frequency) of posts brings more visitors to websites and keeps them engaged longer. If there is a constant stream of new content, users have more reason to visit, refresh the page and view new content that wasn’t there when they first landed on the site.

For sites that sell advertising space, more posts literally increases the “surface area” of available media on which to place ads. More ads means more revenue, which is appealing to any content producer. For example, Rayson points out that the Washington Post has increased their posts to 1,200 per day. In doing so, they have reported an increase in site visitors by 28%. It also allows them to sell a greater amount of ad space, increasing the price of said ads due to the higher number of eyes viewing their site.

So…What’s the Problem?

What Rayson fails to point out is that this approach of mega-post-production is much easier to pull off for companies like the Washington Post. The Washington Post employs a HUGE staff of writers, editors, copy editors, etc., who are all uniquely qualified to research and write content faster and better than the average person. If you applied this approach to a company that is similar in size but specializes in a different industry, it’d be difficult, if not impossible, to produce the same results.

Why Would Less Content Be Better?

This reasoning is (at least) twofold. The first thing we hear about is that less (or less frequent) content will inevitably be higher in quality because there is more time for research, writing, and revising. If you have two hours to write one post, or have to crank out three posts in the same amount of time, the former will likely be of higher quality.

The second is what we like to call “content saturation.” Studies show that bombarding your target audience with too much content is just as detrimental to engagement as providing an insufficient amount. Track Social recently released data showing that brands that post twice per day on Facebook receive only 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post compared to those who post only once per day. What’s more, this decline continues with each successive post.

What Now?

Our professional opinion is that your content marketing should mirror the pace and skill level of your company. If you have a business partner who loves blogging but can only commit to two posts a month, that’s okay! Those two posts are sure to be more carefully planned and well-written than if you required that person to pump out a haphazard post twice a week.

Let Us Do It for You.

Hiring a digital marketing agency like LegalRev takes this entire headache off your hands. We provide blog writing as a service and take great pride in producing high-quality content for our clients’ websites that boosts our corresponding SEO efforts. If you are interested in having someone create custom content for your website, call us today at (800) 893-2590.

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