Why Your Legal Office Needs an Aggressive SEO Strategy

Professionals Reviewing SEO Strategy for Law OfficesIt’s no secret that having an optimized, accurate, and engaging website is crucial in standing out from your competitors in the Google age. What you may not realize, however, is just how critical this has become in the legal services industry.

Our team recently read this engaging blog post about the competitiveness of marketing in the legal niche, confirming what we already know to be true. The issues detailed in the article are issues we know intimately, as we work primarily with clients in the legal industry.

If you’re an attorney who doesn’t have a comprehensive and aggressive SEO/digital marketing strategy, take note — This is urgent, important, and written especially for you.

Here are the facts:

1. The legal services industry is one of the most competitive industries in terms of search.

This is a relatively transparent insight, as we’re sure you know you’re in a densely populated area of business. As a highly litigious society, there is plenty of legal work to be divvied up among a large amount of attorneys. Whether you’re in a large city or a small town, you’re not the only practitioner available.

2. You’re not just competing against those in your home town.

More so than most industries, international and online legal companies have a greater share of the total market. As Moz revealed, 80% of searches return international and/or online legal service companies. That means your chances of showing up in a local search are only 20% at the very best, and that doesn’t account for the competition you face against local firms.

3. Having a properly optimized website is your best bet.

When someone searches a specific term, Google suggests three listings that best match your search. Moz found that 86% of listings that show up in Google’s 3-pack listings are local businesses with up-to-date and engaging websites. If your website content isn’t optimized to show up for the correct terms in the correct locations, you will not display in the search results.

Google’s primary goal is to provide the most relevant information possible to their users. If your website isn’t relevant to the people you’re hoping to reach, you automatically become irrelevant. It seems obvious, but we consistently see law firms struggle to gain visibility due to poorly optimized content.

To beat out your local, international, and online legal business competition, you need a current website and an aggressive SEM strategy that keeps your business fresh and relevant.

How Can I Get Started?

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August 19, 2016