Why SEO For Law Firms Still Matters

While certain SEO methods have evolved, SEO itself remains essential for law firms. Use SEO strategies to reach potential clients in your area, increase search rankings, and cultivate a greater sense of authority and trust.

As an attorney, you recognize how important marketing strategies are in attracting new clients. However, with so many marketing strategies to choose from, it’s easy to lose sight of which strategies are most effective at serving your law firm’s needs. For instance, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have been around for a while, but are they still relevant? While certain SEO methods have evolved, SEO itself remains essential for law firms. Here are a few reasons why SEO for attorneys and law practices will continue to matter in 2021 and beyond.

Local SEO Reaches Your Desired Client Base

Local SEO remains one of the most effective ways of reaching potential clients. By explicitly targeting individuals in your area, you can ensure that your marketing efforts rise to the top of user searches. When someone in your community searches for an elder law or personal injury lawyer, Google will use your firm’s information (location, keywords, Google My Business profile, client reviews, etc.) to boost your visibility.

Optimizing Content For Better Search Rankings

While it’s important to display relevant keywords and content on your website, law firms that optimize their content according to client inquiries and topics tend to rank higher in a potential client’s search results. Google’s BERT algorithm update prompted the search engine to pay more attention to users’ searches and their motivations. If you can think about the most common questions your clients might have and then create blog posts or website content that specifically addresses these topics, Google will gradually send more searchers to your website for the answers they seek.

Building Authority and Trust Within Your Community

As consumers become wary of obvious marketing ploys and generic advertising campaigns, it’s time to use SEO strategies to cultivate trust and authority within your area. Essentially, SEO serves as a more organic method of reaching clients through their searches rather than bombarding them with intrusive advertisements. In a way, clients will feel that they are discovering your firm instead of you aggressively soliciting their business. As more potential clients come across your website or blog posts through Google searches and click through to your site, Google will continue to make you more visible to searchers in your area. Over time, you’ll build a sense of trust and authority online and in your community, encouraging more people to seek your legal services.

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April 10, 2021